7 steps to run a successful MVP

Hello, everyone! I hope at these tough times you stay careful and healthy. If you wanna start an MVP and have no idea how to do that you are in the right place. Today I’d like to cast light on 7 steps to run a successful MVP. Short overview  For those who have no or just a little idea what an MVP is, I’m gonna give a short description. An MVP or a minimum viable product is a simple version of a potential product that is usually created for testing and receiving information on a target market. This product allows […]

Good and great developers. What is the difference?

Hey, guys! Have you ever asked yourself questions: “What top skills should a professional developer possess? What is the difference between good and great developers?”  Sometimes the line between them may seem rather thin, but afraid not, in this article you will get the points and traits of good and great developers that will drive you to the right decision. But keep in mind that a good or great developer should not possess all the skills, listed below because it’s a rare occasion but believe me if your developer has at least several of them that means you’re lucky and […]

Top 5 mobile apps for an entrepreneur

Hello, people! Today I gonna tell you about not so serious but a really important and valuable topic at the same time – top 5 mobile apps for an entrepreneur. If you are more of a YouTube type guy or girl, please, follow the link to watch the video on this topic: the top 5 mobile apps for an entrepreneur. Startup founders, CEOs, and any type of entrepreneurs are really (sometimes enormous) busy and it’s crucial for us to stay tuned, and control everything, so fewer mistakes happen.  Also, we need to save our time to spend it more productively, […]

What to watch for startup founders?

What to watch for startup founders?Watch this video on YouTube. Hey, people! This article is gonna be not so serious as I always write. This time I wanna answer the question: “What can a startup founder watch?” As always, I’m gonna share my thoughts and the resources that I use, as a rule.  As founders, that’s extremely important to us to develop ourselves all the time. We have to be well-educated and gain knowledge and experience when we can. But being a founder or a CEO takes a mass of time, so it’s hard to devote yourself to education from […]

How to find a front-end developer in 2020?

How to find a front-end developer in 2020?Watch this video on YouTube. Hello, guys. Today I want to share my considerations about how to find a great front-end developer in 2020. To be honest, that’s a crucial question nowadays but firstly, I reckon, that’s important to understand what makes a developer really great. Personal opinion Surely, skills and knowledge are greatly important in this profession because without them that’s impossible to do something. In my opinion, a truly great developer should be creative and has a really huge passion to create something new, unique and for the sake of this […]