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5 ways to motivate software engineers

5 ways to motivate software engineers
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Hello, guys! You know, I have written a lot of articles in such spheres as Tech, Business, where I always shared my experience as a CEO and in this article, I’d like to tell something about the motivation for those who are the main human resource and the soul of the company – software engineers. And also I will share my 5 ways to motivate software engineers.


Every activity has such a thing as a human factor and I guess, the motivation is a key human factor in the activity of your employee. The motivation can be different, for someone that’s money, for others – possibilities, experience, prestige and etc.

That a soft factor that is difficult or rather impossible to quantify. It’s the force that pushes the person to do something, it makes people and your staff as well to be focused, hard-working, competent and passionate.

The motivation gives the purpose for self-realization and in that case, it helps your company to stay as profitable as possible for a long time.

That’s clear that motivation has a huge impact on productivity, so let me introduce 5 ways how to motivate your software engineers which I use in my work:


We grow and gain more experience when we go through difficulties and obstacles. Challenges help us with that. To keep your developers or engineers more motivated and engaged in work challenge them!

In order to motivate software engineers, give them challenges in projects, some crazy tasks! Let them learn something new during the work, a new language, technology or other fields, for instance.

Trust them some management because here they will directly learn how to communicate with customers and other important people. But keep in mind, when you give some challenge to your engineer do not go over the edge.


The next thing is attention. We are all individuals and we are all different. Pay some attention to your engineer. Do as I do. Usually, I sit down with my employee and chat with him or her about difficulties, problems and moreover, I listen to it! It gives me an understanding of various working issues.

You should ask this person what he or she is trying to achieve in life and career because the answer will help your engineer to find a growing path. If one can’t give the answer, you should try to fix it and try to help your engineer to find the purpose in life and career.

“Hunger for equipment”

The third way is, as I call it, “to feed the hunger for equipment”. Let your engineers just “eat and drink the equipment”. I mean, when they ask you for additional equipment like a laptop or monitor, please give that. Why? It will leverage their working mood, they will feel more safe, high-spirited. The working environment will become more attractive and motivating because there is everything necessary for proper creative work.

Vision and recognition

The next point is to deliver your vision of the project, the company itself and its purpose for the present and future. 

As for recognition, let’s be frank, we all want to be noticed and recognized. Employees are not and exception.

Whatever they do, they want to realize themselves, take the initiative and create something really new. They will appreciate when you show them your recognition either in public or privately. If you tell your engineer that he or she has some really cool and just works hard it will make him or her proud and will bring the motivation to do everything as best as possible.

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Absence of legacy code and old technologies

The last way that I want to cast light on is the absence of legacy code. You will all agree, no one wants to work with some old stuff which was written long ago. In that case, you will have to understand how it works, study it and even more fix it.

When it’s possible for you, DON’T give it. That’s boring, annoying and lives no place for passion and motivation. For sure, there are some cases when we can’t do it in another way but if you have the possibility to avoid that “legacy”, please do it.

I’m really grateful for reading this article! More you can find here.

Thanks a lot and have an amazing day, guys!

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