App development cost

Hello, guys! Apps have become an integral part of our life and now they help us in lots of different situations. In this case, I have the well-known quote “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” That is why I’d like to cast light on app development costs today.

In this article, we will talk about the factors which influence the price of an app. Of course, the price of creating an app varies from country to county and depends on the complexity of the created product.

The resources spent on the whole process of creating an app brings the reason for checking the price and balance it. Surely, I will provide some general information along with some details that you may not know before.

So, let’s started.         


Not a secret that nowadays every market is highly competitive. It is very difficult to stand out, the investment is large, both considering your time and finances. That is why it is crucial for you to provide proper research.

You should know who your competitors are, their specific features and the features and peculiarities of their products. Proper research will help you to figure out if your app is profitable and what is more important, you will understand its approximative cost.

 It’s clear that you need a lot of attempts and funds to make a good product, but it’s worth it. 


One of the first things that influence an app development cost. As a rule, for creating an app you need about 6-10 specialists. A typical team usually consists of: 

  • A project manager – provides general tasks for the effective planning and realization of a project.
  • A designer plays a huge role. This is an artist of some kind. He or she is usually responsible for creating some beautiful features and the image of the app at all. 
  • Art directors integrate design with the technical part of the app.
  • Programmers are responsible for developing themselves. They are the core of the project because they make the code and create the app itself.
  • A testing engineer provides the testing and tells the results on them for the following improvements of an app.
  • The technical director is the head of the team and he or she usually delegates the whole project work and current issues connected to it.

These experts help the clients to create such an application as they exactly want. Programmers lead by the technological manager embody the idea into real life. After that, the application is tested and lodged to the client.

Types of apps

Another factor that influences an app development cost is the type of app you wanna create. There is a ton of apps’ types that’s why I wanna tell you only about the general ones.

  • Native Apps. These apps are built for the specific operating system, such as iOS, Android and Windows. It is the most functional and productive application.
  • Web Apps. These kinds of apps are not real applications; they are websites. Apps can work on different mobile devices. Mobile sites are a solution for all platforms without exception.
  • Hybrid Apps. These apps you can find on your phone. Such apps are built with a combination of web technologies. Hybrid programs demotivate lower performance than native ones and are more vulnerable to safety.
  • Progressive Web Apps. These apps are like normal web pages but offer additional user operating like working offline, push statements and tool hardware access.

Geographic location dependence

Another factor that has an impact on an app development cost is the country of development or in other words – geographical location. It’s not a secret that the cost of the app development relies on that. But you should remember the high cost not always speaks about quality, but usually, a high price correlates good quality. 

First of all, I’d like to point out the most expensive apps are created by developers from the USA and Australia. In case if you can’t afford some expensive app you may take a look at such countries as India and Ukraine. As for general prices, I can just say that in the USA, Android / iOS development costs about $20 to $250 per hour. In Australia, the price is at a rate of about $35-150 per hour. 

In India, developers are usually satisfied with $10-75 and that makes their apps more affordable and good in quality.

Ukrainian app development

If we take a look at the Ukrainian app development, it is very professional and high in quality. Developers from Ukraine are also on top along with their partners from the USA and EU. There are a lot of firms that gladly use their services. Nevertheless, Ukrainian developers often work as freelancers. 

Every time, when we have a new app development project, it is completely different. Every client has so different requirements and terms. In Ukraine, freelancing is also getting popularity. Nowadays the country is in 4th place in the globe in this field. For this reason, it is practicable and cheaper to find a great programmer from Ukraine.

Besides, if you are searching for an amazing front-end developer for your project, you can turn to our company AVA codes. Be sure, we will find the best specialist for you.

How long does it take to develop an application?

The procedure for creating an application consists of several points. Now let’s see these points:

  1. Developer’s price (1-3 days)
  2. A detailed study of the problem, a test of the marketing (1-5 days)
  3. Writing a technological task. Prototyping. (5-15 days)
  4. Design (5-15 days)
  5. Programming (18-60 + days)
  6. Verification (5-10 days)

General factors that influence the app development cost

I have already given a bit of information on the factors but here I’d like to point out and highlight them for a better understanding of the topic. I’d call these factor the core factors of the app development cost and here they are:


That clear that everything depends on the funds that you are ready to invest in the project. If you pay more you get more.


When you want to create some poly-functional and complex app, be ready to pay more. It takes more time, efforts and decisions to make it properly. So you need to think twice if you wanna create a complex app.


Time is money. The time of development directly correlates with the amount of money you need to pay. If it takes just several weeks, the sum won’t be so high. But if it takes a month or more the sum will be much higher. Also, keep in mind that such factors as complexity and timing are closely connected.

Peculiarities of the market

The product you want to create largely depends on the market. You need to know your niche and competitors and the usual prices on this market. From one type of market to another the prices differ.

Client’s personal requirements

That’s obvious that every one of us has its own requirement in any kind of activity. Especially, when we pay for something. If you have some specific or enormously strict or crazy requirements be ready to pay a higher price or even little extra funds.

Changes and trends

Oh, this is the most unpredictable factor. The tastes and preferences of people differ every day and that, of course, causes some changes in the markets. Fashion plays a role here too. Along with trends that cause such huge changes that they affect even app development. In turn, it obviously affects the app development cost.


For sure, you may use the services of your own developers and specialists if you have them. Outsource makes some things easier but it adds some amount to the price of the app.

Skills and experience of a developer

If you wanna make a simple and cheap app, you may hire a young specialist which has not so much experience and won’t take a lot of money. In case, when you have a complex project it is better to hire an experienced specialist with great hard skills and who can work with such technologies as React, Angular, Vue and so on.

By the way, when you need some information on the above mentioned technologies, you may find this article interesting and useful: Angular vs React: Which one to choose for your app in 2020?

Most famous cases

It would be nice to highlight some successful cases of companies and apps. Probably, you know all of them but still, that will be useful to notice. With these apps, you can receive any kind of services and the most popular of them are those where you can receive something for your everyday routine.

I’ve chosen several famous applications which you can use on your mobile phone or computer. These real-life examples may give you more interpretation of mobile app development prices. Market changes and trends should always be controlled. Everything depends on the application you need and what services you would like to receive. So let’s see what we’ve got.


I’m sure that you have already heard about this app. This service helps a lot when you travel. Uber provides a variety of options for your needs and preferences. The service is generally 35 to 50 % cheaper than a traditional taxi cab. Hourly rates vary from place to place greatly, e.g. $20-40 Asia, $40-80 Europe, $100-150 in the UK/USA.


It is an American photo and video – sharing social service. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. This app is very popular among teenagers. It’s a social network based on sharing photos and allows to take photos and apply filters to them. It is one of the most popular services in the art of iPhonography. The basic cost for iOS & Android platforms of an Instagram like apps based on the research part, designing and architecture, the technology used, screens added, business logic is around $6000 to $14,000 per platform and for Windows, it is about $7000 to $ 15,000.


Using this application, we can send messages, images, videos, documents, user location, and other media. The service is very similar to text messaging services. WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages. It works on platforms Android, Windows Phone and iOS. It’s popular among teenagers because of features like group chatting. The app uses your phone number as its username. 


It is a Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, founded by Zhang Yiming. It is an application for creating distribution video files and webcasts. TikTok users can make their short videos on the mobile app. This is the most well-known app for a short video. Users can easily share videos on other social media platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook. To develop an app like TikTok it will cost you around 8000–12000 USD.


It is another social networking app that is already used by many people all over the world. This social network is aimed at a business audience. Not only do they promote their businesses, but they also sell their products, services and even make deals. The cost of the app like Facebook lies between $5000 to $17,000.


 This is an Internet service – microblogging. Here you can follow the news in real-time, everything fresh and new first appears on Twitter. As a starting application, it can cost around $7000 to $45000. But it all depends on the various factors like the features you want to apply in there.

Now you know the most popular apps in the world. When we use one of these apps we become smarter and more experienced. It makes our life easier and more productive and colorful.


In our constantly developing world apps have become a method for making money and making life much easier. We stay productive, focused on the work we have to do and such technologies as an app help us a lot in different situations.

That’s clear when you wanna create your own product, you are to be ready to pay for that and stay tuned for lots of things are constantly changing in the world. 

If you have in mind to create an app for your business you need to know that a ton of factors can influence the cost of your future product. The general among them are:

  • Budget;
  • Complexity;
  • Timing;
  • Team;
  • Market peculiarities;
  • Changes and trends;
  • Personal requirements;
  • Developer’s skills and experience;
  • Outsourcing;
  • Geographical location;
  • Type of an app.

If we talk about types of apps we can define the most common types of them like:

  • Native;
  • Hybrid;
  • Web;
  • Progressive web apps.

All in all, there is a lot of things that affect app development cost. That is why you need to keep your eyes open, provide researches, look at your competitors and market changes. Be hardworking and motivated and you will succeed.

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