TOP-19 Interview Questions for AngularJS

Hello everyone! If you started reading this article, it means that you’re lucky. Because today I will reveal one of the most interesting and useful topics among all the publications: Top 19 interview questions for AngularJS. Are you ready to know what I’m gonna tell you about? So, let’s continue reading.  Introduction If to paraphrase the well-known aphorism, I can surely say: “A one who owns the information, owns the interview situation”. I reckon, that after reading these JavaScript Interview questions, everyone could confidently say: “Oh, sounds like they wrote about me!” For some people, an interview is a trial, for […]

Good and great developers. What is the difference?

Hey, guys! Have you ever asked yourself questions: “What top skills should a professional developer possess? What is the difference between good and great developers?”  Sometimes the line between them may seem rather thin, but afraid not, in this article you will get the points and traits of good and great developers that will drive you to the right decision. But keep in mind that a good or great developer should not possess all the skills, listed below because it’s a rare occasion but believe me if your developer has at least several of them that means you’re lucky and […]

Angular JS: Should you migrate your app to Angular 2+?

Angular.js: Should you migrate your app to Angular 2+?Watch this video on YouTube. Hello, everyone! Today I’d like to share my opinion on Angular JS and Angular 2+. Also, I want to tell about their advantages and disadvantages and tell if you should migrate your app from Angular JS to Angular 2+. Quite clear that nowadays lots of apps are still running on Angular JS and that is why we do have the issue about migration to Angular 2+. You know, guys, lately I’ve received a lot of requests from people to rewrite the apps from Angular JS to Angular. […]

5 tips to become a better front-end developer

5 tips to become a better front-end developerWatch this video on YouTube. Hey, everyone! Everyone wants to be better. Front-end developers are not an exception. Usually, in the articles, I share my opinions and experience in technical and business spheres and I talk about it from the CEO’s shoes. This time I want to talk not about tech or hard skills like CSS, Html, JavaScript that are strongly required among front-end developers. Today I want to pay your attention to soft skills that will help any front-end developer to become much better. Long ago, in my everyday working routine when […]

React Native in 2020: Pros and Cons

React Native in 2020: Pros and Cons. Frontend developmentWatch this video on YouTube. Hey, guys! In this article, I’d like to shed light on React Native and its pros and cons. Furthermore, I want to tell about its benefits and share some opinions and views.  You know, guys, one of my front-end developers Roman shared his experience and views after some period of work with React Native and I’ll try to display them as well here. Short overview For those who have nothing to do with React Native or just heard something about it, I will give a short overview. […]