How to become a good programmer

Hello, everybody! Every day we struggle. We struggle to get more money, to be acknowledged by somebody, to feel and look good, and to become an expert in the field of work that we have chosen. Programmers also take part in this struggle. They work hard every day to get more valuable skills, knowledge, and experience. But most of us do that blindfolded. So, I decided to give short guidance on how to become a good programmer. 1.Define your exact field of work To become good at the thing you are doing, you need to focus on some peculiar and […]

GitLab vs GitHub

Hello, everyone! Would you like to fulfill your knowledge of IT technology field? I think you wonder what I have prepared for you. Yeah, you’re right! Today’s topic must be attractive to those who tightly bond with software development. You, guys, might have heard of GitLab and GitHub, if not, I will illuminate the most important issues about these two software depositories – GitLab vs GitHub. What is GitLab and GitHub? How to use it? Which is the best? I will overview these points and will clarify many moments which you, maybe have been interested in. Don’t be confused, all […]

Trello vs Jira

Hello, people! I hope you have a couple of minutes to read an article about Trello vs Jira because for you, who, I suppose, is busy with a daily routine, will be useful to figure out the benefits of these tools. By the way, how often do you make notes of what should be done during a day, a week, a month? Do you have all those sheets of paper all-around your house? What about notes on your smartphone? To my mind, it’s more preferable nowadays because all your plans and arrangements are in one place. Moreover, if you work […]

Solution architect. General overview

Introduction There is no doubt that our world increasingly depends on software. Programs are a core element that is used in any area of activity. In fact, there are many innovations that we take for granted – for example, such companies as Paypal or Aliexpress would not exist if they were not based on software.  Even financial, social and commercial companies depend on software. Nowadays, it is difficult to find any company that has not been involved in the software industry. For such companies to continue their existing, the software, they operate, must be productive and accessible when necessary. The software architecture has […]

Types of marketplaces

Hi, guys! Would you like to get acquainted with the info that will make your way of purchase something as easy as possible? For today I have prepared an attractive and worthwhile topic to discuss. As far as a modern world requires new, more technologically advanced ways of living, I wanna disclose such a topic as types of marketplaces, their pros, and cons, why you should use it and how.  Since purchasing takes pretty plenty of time in our lives, modern technologies suggest a quite easy and fast way to simplify this process. If you or your close people haven’t […]

Salary for front-end developers

Hello, everyone! You are welcome to get acquainted with one of the most valuable and important topics nowadays − salary for front-end developers. How often do you ask yourself “How much money will I earn if I get this or that job?” I suppose this is the main thing you are interested in while looking for a job. In this case, I have the well-known quote “Money makes sense”. If you stick to this quote as well, I’ll give you a little tip of how the salary of front-end developers can help you to make money. Is it worth your […]