How does Uber work?

Hello, everyone! I’m totally sure that the majority of us used Uber at least once in life. And you will probably agree that it’s a really convenient and cool thing to use. This service helps a lot when you travel around the world as well as around the city you live in.  Lately, I have asked myself, “How does Uber work?” Maybe you have had such a question in your head too, especially if you gonna use Uber for the first time. If the answer is “yes”, I invite you, guys, to read this article where I’m gonna give some […]

What to watch for startup founders?

What to watch for startup founders?Watch this video on YouTube. Hey, people! This article is gonna be not so serious as I always write. This time I wanna answer the question: “What can a startup founder watch?” As always, I’m gonna share my thoughts and the resources that I use, as a rule.  As founders, that’s extremely important to us to develop ourselves all the time. We have to be well-educated and gain knowledge and experience when we can. But being a founder or a CEO takes a mass of time, so it’s hard to devote yourself to education from […]

How to find a front-end developer in 2020?

How to find a front-end developer in 2020?Watch this video on YouTube. Hello, guys. Today I want to share my considerations about how to find a great front-end developer in 2020. To be honest, that’s a crucial question nowadays but firstly, I reckon, that’s important to understand what makes a developer really great. Personal opinion Surely, skills and knowledge are greatly important in this profession because without them that’s impossible to do something. In my opinion, a truly great developer should be creative and has a really huge passion to create something new, unique and for the sake of this […]

Why wouldn’t I go to Web Summit?

Why I didn’t go to WebSummit?Watch this video on YouTube. Hello, guys! Every year the biggest conference in the world takes place — Web Summit. Usually, my team and I go there because it provides huge opportunities for everyone. In this summit, lots of companies try to promote their products, display their new technologies and findings. It is an outstanding opportunity to find a sponsor or just gain some more experience. In this article, I want to give some short information about this summit, tell about the pros and cons and share my thoughts on that topic. Reasons The first […]

5 tips to become a better front-end developer

5 tips to become a better front-end developerWatch this video on YouTube. Hey, everyone! Everyone wants to be better. Front-end developers are not an exception. Usually, in the articles, I share my opinions and experience in technical and business spheres and I talk about it from the CEO’s shoes. This time I want to talk not about tech or hard skills like CSS, Html, JavaScript that are strongly required among front-end developers. Today I want to pay your attention to soft skills that will help any front-end developer to become much better. Long ago, in my everyday working routine when […]

How to get out of business?

How to get out of your business?Watch this video on YouTube. Hello, everybody! I think every CEO or owner at some stage of his life asks himself the question, “How to get out of business?” Today I want to tell you about methods and means of getting out of your business and the most spread reasons for it. Reasons I find the owner’s energy is the main reason. I reckon that the owner is the core of the company that’s its heart. When the owner has passion, fire in his eyes to do something, to create, to develop the company […]