Native vs Hybrid app

Hello, everyone! A Native vs Hybrid app. A constant question. Every company wants to expand its business, and nowadays, various applications have become one of the most powerful means to do that. When a company has a good and striking application it can receive more users and customers. As a result, more money comes and a company gets a possibility to grow, develop, and expand. Creating a proper application depends on various factors.  In addition, sometimes different companies need to make a choice whether they need to create a native app or a hybrid one. So, the Native vs Hybrid […]

How to create a marketplace

Hello, folks! How are you feeling today? I hope, you are well. Today I wanna provide a general overview of how to create a marketplace. Is this business case attractive to you? If yes, this article is exactly what you need. Also, we will discuss the most famous marketplaces in the world. Marketplaces play an important role in our life. So, keep reading – I’ll shed some light on all information. What is the marketplace? Let’s start with the definition. A marketplace is an electronic center that works as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. Today marketplaces are gaining great […]

Software project outsourcing

Hey, everyone! Today, guys, I suggest revealing a valuable subject in the modern world as software project outsourcing. Talking about outsourcing let me illuminate what it means. I’m sure at least once you have faced this notion because it’s a widespread idea of business companies all around the world. Outsourcing is usually called a phenomenon of the 20th century. Since the late 80th of the 20th century, it entered the practice of business and has become a world spread notion. In today’s topic, I will try to disclose as much information as possible about software project outsourcing. I will picture […]

Software outsourcing

Over the past few years, outsourcing has become firmly embedded in the economic life and business. Using third-party services to solve problems in the widest range of information technologies that can be called the trend. The use of outsourced professional services by companies in any industry helps to improve the competitiveness of the company. Also, it supports access to the necessary professional resources with a certain reduction in the cost of their tasks. If you want to be a part of software development outsourcing this article is for you. Read it to find out what software outsourcing is, the pros […]

Convert an Android app into iOS

Hello, everyone! If you are a developer or just a freelancer, once in a while, you must have met the necessity or task to convert an Android app into iOS and vice versa. So, if you were in these shoes, you surely know what pain in the ass it could be. That is why I have decided to highlight how to convert an Android app into iOS today. Let’s get started! Reasons Every company or its owner has its own reasons for such an action, usually. But let’s be honest, we do all that for money. Lots of us have […]

Top-16 React JS interview questions

Nowadays react interview questions are becoming one of the most popular topics for future developers. It is easily explained. React JS is one of the most popular and influential JavaScript platforms and the most popular front-end framework of recent times. That is why I’d like to represent the topic – top-16 React JS interview questions.  With such the popularity and level of penetration in all companies, either start-ups or large corporations, there are many opportunities to get a job if we master this framework.  In this article you will find the most frequently asked React interview questions and, of course, the […]