App development cost

Hello, guys! Apps have become an integral part of our life and now they help us in lots of different situations. In this case, I have the well-known quote “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” That is why I’d like to cast light on app development costs today. In this article, we will talk about the factors which influence the price of an app. Of course, the price of creating an app varies from country to county and depends on the complexity of the created product. The resources spent on the whole process of creating an app […]

What is unit testing?

Hello, people! How is your life? I hope everything is good. Are you ready to know what I’m gonna tell you about not serious but a really important and valuable topic at the same time – “What is unit testing?” In my opinion, you will like this topic because unit testing is one of the important technologies. Therefore, many people want to start learning this material. This is not particularly new and has been used for many years. Elan Kay, American computer scientist said: “Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born”. In this article, I want to […]

How to make money from apps?

Hello, dear readers! Today I’m gonna cast light on such an interesting and important topic as “How to make money from apps?” and try to answer the question, ‘’What is the best way to make money through apps?” as well.  I decided to represent a list of apps through which you may make money. However, few people don’t know that a smartphone can be a source of revenue.  In this case, I have the well- known quote: ‘’Where there’s a will, there’s a well’’.  I suggest you learn this way how to earn money. Maybe you have had such a […]

7 steps to run a successful MVP

Hello, everyone! I hope at these tough times you stay careful and healthy. If you wanna start an MVP and have no idea how to do that you are in the right place. Today I’d like to cast light on 7 steps to run a successful MVP. Short overview  For those who have no or just a little idea what an MVP is, I’m gonna give a short description. An MVP or a minimum viable product is a simple version of a potential product that is usually created for testing and receiving information on a target market. This product allows […]

Top 5 mobile apps for an entrepreneur

Hello, people! Today I gonna tell you about not so serious but a really important and valuable topic at the same time – top 5 mobile apps for an entrepreneur. If you are more of a YouTube type guy or girl, please, follow the link to watch the video on this topic: the top 5 mobile apps for an entrepreneur. Startup founders, CEOs, and any type of entrepreneurs are really (sometimes enormous) busy and it’s crucial for us to stay tuned, and control everything, so fewer mistakes happen.  Also, we need to save our time to spend it more productively, […]

5 tips to become a better front-end developer

5 tips to become a better front-end developerWatch this video on YouTube. Hey, everyone! Everyone wants to be better. Front-end developers are not an exception. Usually, in the articles, I share my opinions and experience in technical and business spheres and I talk about it from the CEO’s shoes. This time I want to talk not about tech or hard skills like CSS, Html, JavaScript that are strongly required among front-end developers. Today I want to pay your attention to soft skills that will help any front-end developer to become much better. Long ago, in my everyday working routine when […]