SQL interview questions

Hello, readership! How is your day? Are you ready to read anything interesting today? If yes, let’s start. Nowadays, I prepared some useful article for you which is called “SQL interview questions”. Are you preparing for your SQL developer interview? In such a case, you have come to the right place. I regard this topic will help you to brush up your SQL skills, recover your confidence, and be job-ready. Moreover, in this article, you will find the most commonly asked SQL interview questions and, of course, the best answers for them. In addition, my article will be exciting and […]

The difference between a UI developer and front-end developer

Hey, everyone! How’s life treating you? I hope you are good. For today I have prepared gorgeous and valuable topic. Are you heard the difference between a UI developer and front-end developer? If no, be ready. I will illustrate the difference. I certainly and hope that this topic will help you in your work. First of all, I want to introduce you what a UI developer and front- end developer and give some general information about them. Now it’s time to begin probably. It will be fun. I promise to walk you through each point of this article. Be careful […]

Web Frameworks

Hello, people! How is your life today? I truly hope that in these hard and intriguing times everything is good with you and your closed ones. I have not written the articles for a really long time and now I think it would be nice to write something. Today I would like to discuss with you some different frameworks that are rather popular and might be useful for you in your tough work as a developer. Here we will take a close look at the most popular and generally used frameworks that will probably be useful for you to learn. […]

Front-end frameworks

Hello, my pals! I’ve been thinking about what article to choose for drawing your attention. And I decided to write about front-end frameworks. In this article, I have collected the most popular frameworks.  Also, we will read about their advantages and disadvantages. As you can see, today the amount of frameworks has increased extremely. I hope, this topic will make your choice easier. Let’s prelude! Most popular frameworks Angular It is a framework created by Google, which helps us in building effective web apps. It is a framework that allows building various web applications with large measures and high-efficiency. As […]

PHP vs Ruby

PHP vs Ruby. Sooner or later each developer possessed one programming language perfectly, wants to try something new. To do this, he first searches for some new and relevant and then starts comparing, drawing conclusions, and choosing what is best for him. Some developers make their choices in novelty, while others return to their familiar, reliable, and time-tested programming language. As you understood today I will help you to make a choice between two advanced and popular programming languages PHP and Ruby. In order not to waste much time learning a new programming language, read my article and you will see whether […]

Mobx vs Redux

Hello, fella! How are things going? I hope all is well. For today I have prepared a well-formed and valuable topic – “Mobx vs Redux”. I am pretty sure that you have already heard about these libraries, if not, I will clarify the most important issues. What are Mobx and Redux? What is the best? During the process, you’ll see the advantages and disadvantages of these two technologies. I certainly hope, this topic will help you with your work. I will be thankful, for you if you have a few minutes to read my article. Let’s get started. What do […]