How to find a front-end developer in 2020?

How to find a front-end developer in 2020?
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Hello, guys. Today I want to share my considerations about how to find a great front-end developer in 2020. To be honest, that’s a crucial question nowadays but firstly, I reckon, that’s important to understand what makes a developer really great.

Personal opinion

Surely, skills and knowledge are greatly important in this profession because without them that’s impossible to do something.

In my opinion, a truly great developer should be creative and has a really huge passion to create something new, unique and for the sake of this world. And what is, more importantly, is the will to learn something and develop yourself and do everything better and better. I think that’s enough and let’s get to the point, but if this opinion touched you, please read my article “Front – end development is not art anymore?”

Methods and ways of searching

Finding a really good or even great developer for your project or business can be a tough or challenging task. That’s why you need to use various means and methods that could be effective in finding a future employee. There is a lot of methods to find a developer and here I’ll share several of them.

Trivial methods

In my opinion, to the trivial methods of finding a front-end developer belong:

  • Referrals – a good method to find a worker through your own network;
  • Developer conferences and meetups – where you can speak to your possible employee personally;
  • Developer communities – when you are looking for the people or trying to solve some tech problems, you can find a necessary specialist;
  • Professional recruiters – who will do everything as it should be and due to your desires but it won’t be for free;
  • Job boards – a great opportunity for you and the people who are looking for a job already (Angel List, Dice, Monster, The Ladders, Mashable);
  • Stuffing Agencies and hiring marketplaces – here the specialists will help you in finding the most suitable developer but be ready to pay for that too.

Methods nowadays

Now, guys, I want to cast light on the top methods that are used in 2020 – Websites. Really there is a vast number of them but I will list the main ones:

  • Facebook;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Stack Overflow;
  • Content websites like Quora and Medium;
  • GitHub;
  • Any coding challenge websites
  • Freelance platforms (Upwork,, Hired, Toptal, X-team,
  • (on behalf of the founder)

Close look

A little bit in detail. On Facebook, it’s quite possible to find an employee through the groups and communities but that takes a lot of time and doesn’t guarantee any success. LinkedIn old LinkedIn… To be honest that’s a great website for here you can find the most various employees around the world.

Stack Overflow is one of the largest communities for developers. Here they discuss code and different working problems. You can look at the profile and contact with the person you’re interested in.

As for content websites like Quora or Medium – at these places, developers sometimes share their opinions, views, and problems and that’s quite nice places when you need to hire a mentor or team lead. And if you like what you read then maybe you have found your future employee.

At GitHub and any coding challenge website, you can see the works and portfolios of developers and maybe find what you are looking for. Great if you need to have a guru in algorithms. In freelance platforms that’s possible to find employees of all sorts and skills.

Pros and Cons

Now I’d like to tell about the pros and cons of those websites.

LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, GitHub, coding challenge websites, content websites:

+ max/good quality;

+ max control;

-- time to find is about 1- 4 months;

-- termination cost.

As for freelance platforms they are good for hiring short-term and long-term developers. For a short-term Upwork, or something like that is good. For the long term Hired, Toptal, X-team, are quite good. Below are the pros and cons of these websites.

Upwork,, etc.:

+ fast;

+ cheap;

-- high risk;

-- needs a lot of time.

Hired, Toptal, X-team,

+ good quality;

+ long-term;

-- preparation process;

-- no trial;

-- too expensive.

In the end, I want to tell you as the founder of AVA codes something about it. AVA codes is an excellent chance to find a good developer with really high quality, good price range, and deep soft skills. Remember! We are here to help you!

Thanks a lot for reading how to find a great front-end developer in 2020! I hope you have found something valuable here.

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