Front-end development is not art anymore?

Front-end development is not art anymore?
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Hello, guys. If you read this article ask yourself, “Front-end development is no art anymore?” I am the founder of company and About 6 years ago, when I came to the IT environment and begun taking my first steps, from the very beginning I liked to treat my work as creative. Apparently, I was like an artist who was full of passion and inspiration and could draw something exciting even with the limited resources and strict requirements.

Even now I bliss out when taking notes with a pen and start thinking about how users of a certain app will interact with it and how really we can make their life better and comfortable.


All in all, what has begun to happen with all of this? After 3 years of work, developers lose the passion to give a damn about something at all and they just start coding because others do so. For me this is inappropriate! Where is creativity, passion, will to do somebody’s life better? Everybody just finds their own comfortable cage and lose the wish to develop themselves, to create something really cool in order to change something in the world. And as a result, this romanticism is lost.

Surely the fault of all this is partially companies that drive people in the cage where the, on the one hand, are policy and rules of a company, and on the other hand a manager with far more “better policy” intrinsically. Another part of the problem projects that people work over. For sure, you won’t have much freedom for creativity while working on a big project for a bank or another serious institution.

It is necessary for creative people to be given maximum freedom, but not to stand in any frames. And usually, such people have no problems with motivation and there is no need to control them. And as a rapid result, more and more people begin to move to remote freelance work.

New people?

What about these new people who finish the fast courses and don’t even have a primary understanding of a basic design. For some reason, people think that this work is just for designers but rather often a developer is a filter of what can be done with how a certain flow should be implemented. Because in fact, we’re not talking about UI but about UX, and about things why your users will really love your products and why these products will be better than the products of your concurrents.

Development > Design?

There is a usual opinion that people move from design into development (the payment is bigger and that’s quite logical), but, in fact, and in my opinion everything should happen in the opposite direction. For a person who does not know how to build something cannot come up with how it should look and work. I reckon a beautiful bridge can be designed only when you understand every puzzle of the work. And it should be one of the functions of a powerful designer/developer. And someday we get to the point when designers will get much more for developers (if there are still such professions).

Why now?

Companies need immediately change their models of working with employees and accustom them to a different attitude to work. The competitive ability of companies will never be greater when they recruit 1,000 people to write code from 9 to 17. This could have worked decades ago, but now when tech companies are changing this world they need different operating principles than in a sustainable corporate world. Freedom gives creativity, and creativity gives a result that will be different than you planned.

And now after all of this please ask yourself once more, “Front-end development is not art anymore?”

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