Front-end frameworks

Hello, my pals! I’ve been thinking about what article to choose for drawing your attention. And I decided to write about front-end frameworks. In this article, I have collected the most popular frameworks.  Also, we will read about their advantages and disadvantages. As you can see, today the amount of frameworks has increased extremely.

I hope, this topic will make your choice easier.

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Most popular frameworks


It is a framework created by Google, which helps us in building effective web apps. It is a framework that allows building various web applications with large measures and high-efficiency. As a result, there are gigantic web apps that are built with Angular.

And of course, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this framework.


Have you heard about this framework? Flutter is a fashionable framework and you can easily feel that. Many developers love Flutter because it is rather easy to create a nice native application without a bunch of code.

         As usual, let’s take a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages.


What do you know about ASP.NET? ASP.NET also called Active Server Pages. It is high efficiency and lightweight framework for building web applications. This framework is developed by Microsoft. ASP.NET is used to produce web applications and web pages.


It is one of the coolest frameworks for development at this time. It is fast and simple. If you want to learn this framework it will be very easy. You can learn quickly and show something in very little time which makes it more exciting to learn.

So, what would be the best choice among the framework at present? I hope all these frameworks help you make the right decision of choosing the right variant. Please, choose one of these frameworks for the best results. Some time ago, one American businessman said: “You don’t have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream.”


I hope this topic “front-end frameworks” gave you some useful information. Since, you have read about the most popular frameworks. Here are the lists of them:

  • Angular
  • Flutter
  • Meteor

As you can see, the market is represented by a great variety. As a result, each of these frameworks has advantages and disadvantages. 

Of course, if you ask me, what to choose, in my opinion, Angular will be the right variant for you. So, immediately begin to use this framework.

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