How does Uber work?

Hello, everyone! I’m totally sure that the majority of us used Uber at least once in life. And you will probably agree that it’s a really convenient and cool thing to use. This service helps a lot when you travel around the world as well as around the city you live in. 

Lately, I have asked myself, “How does Uber work?” Maybe you have had such a question in your head too, especially if you gonna use Uber for the first time. If the answer is “yes”, I invite you, guys, to read this article where I’m gonna give some data about this amazing service.

Surely, I will provide some general information along with some details that you may not know before.

For those people who have just started or intended to use Uber, this article appears to be rather valuable and useful.

Short history

I guess you will agree that Uber is one of the most useful and helpful services nowadays because all need to save time and be more and more productive. 

Everybody knows that Uber is an international company which is based in California and works all around the world. It has created and provides an amazing app and driving service to the people in more than 60 countries. You can freely choose the time, destination and place without any headaches and it’s cool when you really appreciate your time.

The name “Uber” comes actually from the German word “über” which means “above”. That’s not a regular taxi service as some people may think, it’s the service that provides the highest quality and the best autos possible. You actually hire a personal driver for a short period of time.

What is also incredible is safety. I don’t know what about you but for me safety means a lot really. Safety is one of the most essential advantages and priorities of any Uber driver. 

In contrary to a regular taxi, Uber has some specific features which make it so special and popular worldwide.

How does Uber work?

If you need a car to ride somewhere but you don’t wanna wait 10 minutes or even more for a taxi, Uber is the right decision for you!

To make everything easy and nice follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the app.
  2. Register there and give the data required.
  3. Type the destination you need to reach in the “Where to” bar.
  4. Select one of the existing services or types of Uber cars.
  5. Set location, time, and sheer availability too.
  6. When you did all those manipulations you need to choose the method of payment. In some cities, it is allowed to pay in cash but mostly Uber withdraws the money through your debit, credit cards, Google pay, PayPal, and other payment services. As a rule, you pay at the end of the trip.
  7. After that, you need to confirm your order and along with a pickup spot.
  8. Uber will find a match for you and give all the necessary information as a driver’s name, license plate, rating in the Uber community, photo.
  9. Wait for a notification about the driver’s arrival.

Main types of Uber cars

As far as Uber has around two dozens of various taxi options, shared travel services as well as delivery services. You need to know at least general information on different Uber cars. That’s rather useful because different countries have sometimes their own set of services and peculiarities related to Uber. 

So, guys, let’s take a look at the most common ride options and cars.


That’s a standard economy class taxi. The basic level of service provides a private ride in a standard car with a driver from one up to four passengers.


It is a representative class taxi with more expensive cars. Your vehicle is usually of the 2012 or newer production year luxury car in excellent condition with a black interior and exterior.


It is a more expensive option for upscale rides. For UberSelect, your vehicle must be of the 2009 or newer production year entry-level luxury car with a leather interior.


It is one of the cheapest cars and services. It provides from 1 to six seats so you can easily share the fee for the trip. Perfect if you’re going out in a group. 

 Uber Pool 

This service offers you from one to four seats but you can only take just 2 seats at one time. The pickup spot can be assigned by the driver or app and you may have to walk a bit to it. 

Uber Assist 

As a rule, it has the same price as UberX. This service usually offers from one to four seats and an Uber X vehicle. The difference here is the door to door service.

Work in Uber

Wanna work in Uber? Take a chance!

What do you need to work for Uber? Do you think it’s very difficult? Easy, interesting, helpful – these three words I’d use to describe it.

Any citizen of Ukraine or a person with citizenship and above 18 may join the Uber community. The main things that you need are:

  • private car or rented car; 
  • Android or IOS – based mobile phone; 
  • driver’s license;
  • no criminal records;
  • driving experience for at least 1 year.

       Your car should have:

  •  a clean title (not salvaged, reconstructed, or rebuilt); 
  • not be rented, unless it’s from an approved Uber lender;
  • no damage, missing pieces, commercial branding, or taxi signage.

The work is very simple and enjoyable! Moreover, you can work only when you want!

How does Uber pricing/payment work?

The third thing I wanna cast light on is prices. In Uber, everything works pretty simple and without any complications. 

Payment for the trip is made only by non-cash payment but, as I said before there are some places where you can pay in cash. Money is debited from the bank card attached through the application after the trip ends. 

An important feature is a fact that the user can estimate the cost of the trip before it starts. After each journey, drivers are required to rate passengers on a scale of 1 to 5 stars as well as riders can rate drivers. 

It is important because the rating system has a huge impact on the authority and work of a driver or rider. Sometimes happens that riders and drivers who have low ratings can be deactivated. 

To make the picture clearer, the cost of the trip in Uber includes three components:

  • the cost of the car arrived at a customer;
  • cost per minute;
  • price per kilometer.


I think that after reading this article you will agree with me that Uber is an amazing app and service that help a lot in the modern world.

How does Uber differ from other services? You don’t need to name the address, where the car should be brought, so the app will display the customer’s coordinates to a driver. You can be sure that you will be safe during a trip come to a necessary place in time.

So, if you have not started to use Uber yet, please download the app, create the account and enter your destination.

In general, it’s a beautiful and intelligent app with a lot of features and full of simplicity. In my opinion, it’s one of the fastest and smartest ways to get somewhere in time. All in all, enjoy the ride!

Thank you very much for reading! If you want to read some more I’d suggest this article: Top 5 Mobile Apps For An Entrepreneur.

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Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

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