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How to become a good programmer

How to become a good programmer

How to become a good programmer

Hello, everybody! Every day we struggle. We struggle to get more money, to be acknowledged by somebody, to feel and look good, and to become an expert in the field of work that we have chosen. Programmers also take part in this struggle. They work hard every day to get more valuable skills, knowledge, and experience. But most of us do that blindfolded. So, I decided to give short guidance on how to become a good programmer.

1.Define your exact field of work

To become good at the thing you are doing, you need to focus on some peculiar and specific field and work. If you are a good cook, you can make both a good steak and a tasty cookie. But some cooks are great at pastries, some good at meat dishes and so on. With programmers, it is the same thing. You need to focus on some specific branch and develop your skills there.

If you wanna be a good back-end developer you need to concentrate on everything in this branch. If you want to become a good front-end developer, pay attention to all things related to that.

In that case, you will not spread your attention everywhere, you will see the path of your self-development more clear and will be able to focus on those things that are certainly helpful and do matter to you.

Only focusing on some specific field or branch of work will make you truly good and eventually great because you will become a real expert without spreading your precious time and effort.

2. Keep in mind – you need to learn a lot all the time

There is no end to the learning process and it will last for the whole life. But the difference between average and good programmer is that a good one realizes and acknowledges the gaps in his or her knowledge and skills.

Moreover, good programmers do not have an arrogant attitude and the feeling that they can do absolutely everything. Good programmers are usually patiently and effectively learn everything new to get better and better. They know their weak spots and try to fill them. To be honest, good programmers are totally obsessed to get more and more knowledge, experience, and improve their skills, and eventually, this obsession makes them great.

3.Learn from the mistakes and experience of others

I don’t know your opinion, but for me, the best way that gives a lot of experience is to learn from mistakes. It does not really matter whether mistakes are yours or not. Of course, the best option is to learn from the mistakes of other programmers. As for your mistakes, they are unavoidable but you can receive a ton of experience from them too. Just don’t consider them to be failures. 

When we talk about experience, the best way for me is to communicate with good or great programmers if possible. 

They will gladly help you and lead in the right direction. They will share their own experience and this is more valuable than a simple pointing out of mistakes and giving solutions to them.

The best option is if you find a mentor. That would be definitely marvelous. When you have a mentor, you can do literary everything!

This person will teach you everything that he or she knows and will lead you in the right direction. You will be able to avoid some silly mistakes with a good mentor and gain as much experience as possible. 

If you want to communicate and learn from good programmers the best way to find them is to search in different IT communities or sites like Quora and Reddit or just find them on the Internet and try to contact.

4.Focus on the wrong things instead of the good ones

When you have created code you will probably admire it as it is your own child. You start to focus on the good thing you have created and implemented. You are happy if it works but this is a trap. You may be assured that you have created a good product but when somebody finds a bunch of mistakes you will be shocked and frustrated. To avoid that you’d rather focus on the thing that you’ve done wrong probably.

In order to create a really decent piece of work, a good programmer must focus not on the good features but on the bad ones. If he or she has found them and fixed – this code will become truly great! When you create a good code you are like the man fallen in love. You see only good features, ignoring the bad ones. If you do so, be ready because sooner or later somebody will crush you with criticism. 

Understand, how crucial it is. I have gone through this too and I know what I am talking about.

5. Try to make everything better

If you want to become a good programmer that is essential to do everything better. Done a good project? Find a way to make it better. Created a good code? Find bugs and mistakes and make it better. Every project, every product you make should be best. And you can make them the best just by making them better and better.

An average programmer just does something until it starts working. Good and great programmers try to make everything fail. And they do so in order to improve the code to its best condition. Their passion to create the best product is limitless and you should struggle for that too.

6. Be passionate and hungry for knowledge

In order to become a really good specialist at what you are doing, you need to have a real fire in our eyes. You have to be passionate! Only when you have a strong desire and a wildfire inside to develop yourself, to get more skilled, you WILL become a good and even great eventually.

Do what you love and you will not have to work even a single day of your life.

Here is another thing to become a good programmer. As I said before, all good and great programmers are truly obsessed with knowledge. They try to learn everything they can in order to become better and do their work better. For that, you need to become a real fan of your job bt firstly, you are to become a true fan of yourself. 

The learning process never stops and this gives us huge possibilities for improvement. Believe me, a good programmer never loses a chance to become better.

7. Do not afraid to ask for advice

Newbies or university graduates are usually extremely confident and think that they can do everything and they know everything. As a rule, most of them realize that they were wrong and have to learn a lot. But still, they are too arrogant to ask for advice from other people or senior specialists. And, as a rule, such behavior leads to the obvious disaster and frustration.

A young programmer meets a lot even a ton of obstacles in a professional way but being too proud to ask for help will lead to different and painful mistakes. As I said, it is crucial to learn from the mistakes and experiences of others. You should, no, you must learn from others and ask for advice and help every time you need it.

Of course, you possibly fear to ask somebody because you are afraid to be rejected or something. Fear not, experts usually gladly share their knowledge and experience. Moreover, communities will also greet you warmly and friendly. Just ask!

8.Build a strong basis

Different technologies and frameworks as well as languages come and go. Yes, you can gain experience and deepen your skills with them but eventually, they will become too old or useless for work. That is why you should learn techniques, solutions, and build a strong basis because it is a foundation for your work. 

You can be anywhere, you can work upon various projects but with a strong basis, you will succeed because this knowledge won’t go anywhere.

Especially this is important for beginners because a strong and firm basis will give you the opportunity to do your work just right. You can get new skills and knowledge anytime but without a strong basis, it will be useless or even harmful to you.

“The master of the basics is the true master of the skill.”

9. Follow the simplicity

Everything that is genial is quite simple. it is simple to use, to understand but not so easy to build. But you have to try at least. Try to create something without extra and unnecessary things or repetitions. Try to find the shortest way to do your job effectively, without complications, and as simple as possible. 

Try to follow the DRY and KISS principles. Believe me, if you do something great and simple to comprehend and your users and colleagues will be enormously grateful to use.

10.Develop your personal skills and qualities

Being a good programmer doesn’t mean to be only a good specialist. It also means being a good person with bright personal skills and qualities.

As for me, the most important traits and skills to become a good programmer are:


To become a good programmer, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. But if you have the fire in your eyes, strong will, patience, curiosity, and desire, believe me, guys, you will become one.

Yes, there is a lot of work ahead but never give up and eventually, you will be greatly rewarded.

Read a lot of code, learn and build basis, code and create for your own pleasure and you will become a good or even great programmer at last. 


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If you are still hungry for knowledge, I’d suggest reading this article: “JavaScript interview questions.”

Spread the love. Thank you ❤️
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