How to make money from apps?

Hello, dear readers! Today I’m gonna cast light on such an interesting and important topic as “How to make money from apps?” and try to answer the question, ‘’What is the best way to make money through apps?” as well.

 I decided to represent a list of apps through which you may make money. However, few people don’t know that a smartphone can be a source of revenue.

 In this case, I have the well- known quote: ‘’Where there’s a will, there’s a well’’.

 I suggest you learn this way how to earn money. Maybe you have had such a question in your head too, especially if you’re gonna use the app for such a purpose for the first time.

 Surely, I will provide some general information with some details. I hope for many people this article appears to be rather valuable and useful.

So, people, let’s don’t waste any time and get down to business.

What does “app” mean? 

Can you imagine your life without a mobile phone? I, personally, – no! Surely, some of you will be able to answer otherwise. The app is short for ‘’application’’ which is the same thing as a software program. 

The term “app” was very popularized by Apple when the company created the “App Store”. To my mind, the younger generation uses telephones more than 7 hours per day. Of course, now all owners of Android and iOS have access to income from the Internet. So, let’s consider the best smartphone programs.

 I guess you will agree that the apps are totally useful and made our life much easier and comfortable. That’s why we can pay more attention to ourselves, our families and stay more inspired and motivated to work harder.

For example, my team and I, we always try to make our apps easy, comfortable, and interesting. So, you could use it with great pleasure.

Work through apps

How to start?

Now, let’s move to another point “How to make money from apps?”

That’s not a secret that you can earn money with gadgets and devices online today. Moreover, lots of people do so. New applications appear regularly in the world and it provides really great possibilities for all people around the world to make the profit. If you wanna start to work and earn with the help of apps, that’s quite simple to begin. But before you get started you should provide research to make everything properly.

Furthermore, you should learn how to work with the app you’ve chosen, and collect some specific knowledge on the sphere where you will be working. After that, we can move to more practical steps.

What is necessary to start?

What do you need to work through the app? Do you think it’s very difficult?

Old people, youth, and even children are able to earn money. 

First of all, you need a mobile phone or another gadget do download apps on your phone on Android or iOS. In the first place, I believe that you need to pay attention to memory in your gadget. It is clear from these observations that a lot of media files on your gadget slow it down. As a result, the user loses time and money. So be careful and observe the amount of the data you have on the gadget.

How much money can be made with gadgets online depends only on the user. Believe me, guys, making money online is now popular and all need is to be hardworking and ready to learn new things.

As for money, there is also no need to worry about that because you can get them in any currency starting from hryvnias and ending with euros. But for better and faster work I’d suggest using these services: Steam, WebMoney, Payeer, PayPal. 

At first, it might be difficult but keep practicing and you will become a master of your work with a huge income.

Apps to earn extra money on the Android

Let’s start with some apps on your Android.

Please open your mobile phone. These apps are very popular nowadays. I’ll give just a short overview of the apps that will help to start earning some money. Oh, guys, that’s so damn easy to use!

A modern person uses mobile applications mainly for three purposes: to play, chat find information on the Internet.

Android is the most popular OS on smartphones. Play Market is full of various games and useful tools. Do you find it easy to make a choice when you see a lot of apps? No? First of all, read the comments to these apps.

1.Advert App

One of the most popular applications to earn from smartphones. You install applications in them around the day and get paid 24 hours later. The program has more objectives and partner programs.

2.Vk Target

A good service where the user is running about 70% online. It’s mostly looking at the news, Facebook or YouTube videos.

 3.WHAFF reward

One of the most popular programs in Western countries. Payments are made in dollars.

 In general, it’s a beautiful and intelligent app with a lot of features and full of simplicity. To my mind, it’s one of the fastest and smartest ways to earn money. It’ll help with your work. For me, it’s really cool to make money from your gadgets.

Now let’s move on to the next position.

Apps to earn extra money on the iOS

1. Dostavitsa

The courier job will stay for a long time. Download on the device and do the delivery of goods for money

2. Life Corr

The program allows anyone with an iPhone to become a reporter.    

It’s enough to run a reporting device. If you have witnessed an event, upload a video or a photo to this program. After a while, the network will be able to purchase the material

3. Clashot

This program can be called the monetized version of Instagram. Here you can view photos of other users, subscribe and play likes.

 But most of all I’d like to use this app. That is the best. It always works.

You should also keep in mind that there are a ton of other apps and services using which you can make money. For instance, different marketplaces like Amazon, Rozetka where you can buy and sell things, various apps for learning and teaching skills and one of the most profitable – developing them. 

If you have taken a decision to create an app for business and earning money, refer to our company AVA codes – we will support you with that.

To draw the conclusion, one can say that this category is the most popular among the users because you have no special skills and your iPhone and Internet. Be more serious about it and the results will not make you wait.


In the modern world, there is a mass of methods to make money and the most popular nowadays is to make them online. In the majority of cases, you just need to get started with using some app but sometimes you need to get some new skill. On the Internet, you are free to choose if you want to go into trading or maybe you wanna sell things at marketplaces or you just want to teach somebody. You have the freedom to choose.

Sometimes you can do this for fun and money will be a pleasant bonus for you.

If you decided to take a try in this field you may start with the app I have given here:

  • 1.AdvertApp;
  • 2.VkTarget;
  • 3.WHAFFreward;
  • 4.Dostavitsa;
  • 5. LifeCorr;
  • 6. Cashot.

Pick up any and start to earn your first money there!

Many thanks for reading! I hope, you found this article useful and enjoyable. If you need some more information on different apps, please, click and read this: the top 5 mobile apps for an entrepreneur.

Stay safe and healthy!

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