How to outsource app development in 2020?

How to outsource app development in 2020?
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Hello, everyone! This time, guys, I want to cast light on the rather interesting and valuable question – how to outsource app development in 2020. To be honest for the last five years I have been on both sides of app development outsourcing. I have been as a customer and as a performer and I do have some experience here which I want to share.


That’s not a secret that any kind of business is risky and when you decide on outsourcing it can be quite risky too, especially when outsourcing is the core of the company because it can lead to the destruction. Despite everything, we choose it for some reason. Everybody has its own reasons and in my case they are:

  • the reduced price and overall cost of the work because in some cases it would be cheaper to pay to a performer than to your employee or you have planned to reduce the budget of your development department;
  • saved time, when you cannot spend your human resources on some project or you have different priorities that would be much better to give the task to somebody else for a good reward;
  • quality of work, when you picked the right people for work and delivered your message and vision;
  • lack of necessary people, it happens when you can’t find the right specialist on your market and to find such a person in another place or country is much easier.

Tiny tips

I will dare to remark that for providing great work in an outsourcing project, communication with specialists who develop the project and with partners is extremely important. You are to look for people with relevant experience, perfectly know your requirements and vision of a project, deliver your expectations as clear as possible, moreover you have to create a project plan. Furthermore, the budget of yours must coincide with all the above-named points. 

Now let’s dive a bit into these points.

Length of collaboration

In my opinion, it is necessary to define the length of your future collaboration. It can be just a one-off project or maybe short-term or long-term collaboration. In case if you have the last one it’s essential to build deeper relationships. You may ask why and I will answer – for future.

Well established relationships and connections will help in business and possibly there will be no need to search for new people for projects anymore. When you find the common ground with people in the long-term collaboration it will support the growth of your business and you maybe find partners for the future.


Without saying, documentation is highly important. For you to prepare all documents like user stories or something like that is the crucial point. You can’t just avoid that. documentation plays a huge role not just in outsourcing but in business at all, that’s quite clear to everyone.

When we talk about documents I’d like to draw your attention to NDA. For sure, it’s just a document but it has an emotional impact on people and they will evaluate you as a customer better. For instance, when I deal with some small NDA I can notice that a customer is more valuable for me because this person knows the rules and that company wants to be protected and feel confident while working with me. 

Business model

Now I’d like to move to such an essential thing as a business model. You must develop it for sharing with your partners and performers in order to establish rather firm relationships and to lay the ground for future growth.

When you have a business model you can display your vision, your ideas and this is the main reason to make it. Frankly speaking, a business model has an amazing effect on your partners, it helps you to find the common ground faster and ensure future development and prosperity. If you want to do a good business model I advise you to take a look at the Canvas Business Model.

Right location

Now let’s move to the choosing of the right location.

The first thing, I advise you to think about is the level of education in the place or country that you’ve chosen. You need to know its educational level in IT and the growth of it at least.

With this information, you will be able to choose the right country or place that will not cause any damage to your business. It is also important when you plan to create long-term relationships.

Depending on the country you’ve chosen, you can evaluate the cost and the quality ratio.

Staff turnover

Another interesting thing is staff turnover. Here I mean the lifetime of workers in some companies. For example, some people stay and work in a company for four or five years. According to my experience, in Ukraine, this time lasts for two sometimes three years.

Perhaps you will agree with me that in the case when somebody leaves the company you have a headache to replace this person. Here the outsource helps a lot. Of course, new people in the company have a huge advantage because they generate new ideas but you need to wait until they get used to the job. 

Cultural differences

I bet you had such a problem as a misunderstanding during the work with the people from other countries. The reason for it is cultural differences.

That’s quite clear that people from various countries think in a different way sometimes due to their culture. To avoid such situations, it would be better to find the people whose mindset is close to yours. Don’t forget about timezones and geographical positions.

Sometimes it happens that the company you work with is on the other side of the planet and you can communicate just for 2-3 hours on the same working day. So it is also should be taken into account for the proper work.

That’s necessary to notice that the level of English is extremely important for future communication too. Why? Because you and your partner will just simply not understand each other. I have to notice that due to my experience there is a correlation between the size of a company and relationships. For instance, larger companies are usually friendlier and there are more instruments and practical experience at their disposal.

Ways to find the right company/freelancer

When we talking about the choice of a company or a performer in order to outsource app development there is such an issue as finding the right one. in this case, we must understand what we need and on that basis search for companies and freelancers. Various directories can help us with that task. I recommend you to use GoodFirms and Clutch for finding a good company.

If you look for a freelancer Upwork, Toptal and are great options for you because there you can estimate the quality and read the feedbacks.

Besides, if you are looking for top front-end developers with deep soft skills and want to hire them for the long term our company can help with that.


To outsource app development is a rather good option for you if you want to reduce the price, get good quality and you can’t find the right specialist on your market.

If you have or plan the long-term collaboration with a company or a freelancer, in that case, you should build deeper relations to provide future growth of your company and get a good partner.

Documentation is extremely important and NDA plays not the last role in the collaboration of a customer and a company.

When working with somebody you have to provide the requirements and your common vision of a project. Prepare a business model for sharing that will reflect your ideas.

Finding the right location with a good cost-quality ratio is also important. This location should be supported by a good education (especially in IT), and the people there must be close to your mindset in order to avoid the cultural or any other misunderstandings. Do not forget about geographical locations and timezones.

Different directories can be used for finding a company (GoodFirms, Clutch) or a good freelancer as well (, Toptal, Upwork or just turn to AVA codes if you need a top front-end developer).

So that were all ways how to outsource app development that I use. I hope you find them useful.

Many thanks, guys for reading this article!

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