Native vs Hybrid app

Hello, everyone! A Native vs Hybrid app. A constant question. Every company wants to expand its business, and nowadays, various applications have become one of the most powerful means to do that. When a company has a good and striking application it can receive more users and customers. As a result, more money comes and a company gets a possibility to grow, develop, and expand.

Creating a proper application depends on various factors. 

In addition, sometimes different companies need to make a choice whether they need to create a native app or a hybrid one. So, the Native vs Hybrid app. What is better? 

1.Native app development

The first thing that I would like to cast light on is native application development. If you want to create a native application, I consider it to be a rather good decision. Creating a native application has a number of future benefits. As a minimum, you will get a stable and functional application that will almost immediately cover a bunch of users.

Native apps work well and smoothly. Furthermore, they have a lot of interesting functionalities that will make either your application or product brighter and more attractive. Developing a native application is a good deal but you must also draw your attention to various disadvantages of the native app development.

First of all, it is now so easy to create a decent native app. You need to find and obtain a well-experienced and bright native developer. Why? Because developing a native app has a number of peculiarities.

Such platforms as iOS and Android use different languages for app development and eventually, you will have to find a right specialist who can manage the task. Also, the process of development of a native app takes a lot in terms of time and money. But, as a result, you will possess an excellent and wonderful app. It will work nicely and firm on a phone.

All in all, native applications are able to connect to a device’s hardware and provide and provide a smooth work without any additional tools and plugins. Also, there is strong data protection. Developers are well aware of the strong and weak spots of the technologies for the native app development. That’s why they will be able to find the right approach and give a good result. Be sure that the customers’ experience will be just great.

2.Hybrid app development

When we talk about hybrid apps, it is necessary to point out that they are a combination of native and web applications. Hybrid apps can work on various platforms and behave like native apps. So, they can be installed as native apps but technically they will be the web ones. 

It means that you technically build a web app that incorporates the features of native apps. In this case, you need to deploy the so-called “wrapper” for this kind of apps to act. It will be like a bridge between platforms.

To say more precisely, a hybrid app is an app written with the usage of back-end code and with the help of such languages like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Also, this kind of apps needs a native shell. This shell is usually used to load the code and use a web view.

It is quite clear that hybrid apps possess their own advantages and disadvantages. 


As you can see, there are both strong and weak spots of these types of apps. But it doesn’t really mean that one type is better than another. You should pick up a hybrid or native development according to your needs, requirements, vision, and business strategy. It all depends on you and your project.

Of course, if you ask me what to choose, I likely advise you to create a native app. It will be more stable, reliable, more functional, and customized. Yes, the development process will tale more time and money buy eventually, you will get more profit and less pain in the neck.

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