Imperative vs declarative programming

Hello, everyone! I hope you have a couple of minutes to read this article about imperative vs declarative programming. I’m sure, you must have questioned yourself: “What are the advantages and disadvantages of imperative and declarative programming?” For you to find the answer, I propose to read my article. In that event, I have a well-known quote: “Programming isn’t about what you know; it’s about what you can figure out”. I reckon this topic will be notable and helpful. So, let’s go! What does imperative and declarative programming mean? Imperative programming So, what is imperative programming? The shortest way to […]

Bug report. Short overview

Hello guys! Today I welcome you to discover quite gripping questions, which you surely will be interested in. I’m gonna be running about a bug report. I’m sure most of you have heard this term and many web developers and software users mention this notion, but it hasn’t been clearly explained what this bug report actually means. That is why today’s topic – “Bug report. Short overview”. The first hint I will give you that a bug report is a helpful option that will come in handy when you will be working on projects as a web developer or just a software user. This […]

Convert an Android app into iOS

Hello, everyone! If you are a developer or just a freelancer, once in a while, you must have met the necessity or task to convert an Android app into iOS and vice versa. So, if you were in these shoes, you surely know what pain in the ass it could be. That is why I have decided to highlight how to convert an Android app into iOS today. Let’s get started! Reasons Every company or its owner has its own reasons for such an action, usually. But let’s be honest, we do all that for money. Lots of us have […]

GitLab vs GitHub

Hello, everyone! Would you like to fulfill your knowledge of IT technology field? I think you wonder what I have prepared for you. Yeah, you’re right! Today’s topic must be attractive to those who tightly bond with software development. You, guys, might have heard of GitLab and GitHub, if not, I will illuminate the most important issues about these two software depositories – GitLab vs GitHub. What is GitLab and GitHub? How to use it? Which is the best? I will overview these points and will clarify many moments which you, maybe have been interested in. Don’t be confused, all […]

Regression testing. General overview

Hello, readership! How is your day? Are you ready to read anything interesting today? Recently, we’ve taken a close look at what unit testing is. And today we are going to discuss the topic – “Regression testing. General overview”. I tried to prepare an attractive and valuable topic to discuss. In that event, I have a well-known quote: “All this modern technology just makes try to do everything at once”. I reckon, that after reading this article, everyone says: ”Surely, I use this testing in my work”. Of course, I will reveal some general information with some details.  From my […]

Top-16 React JS interview questions

Nowadays react interview questions are becoming one of the most popular topics for future developers. It is easily explained. React JS is one of the most popular and influential JavaScript platforms and the most popular front-end framework of recent times. That is why I’d like to represent the topic – top-16 React JS interview questions.  With such the popularity and level of penetration in all companies, either start-ups or large corporations, there are many opportunities to get a job if we master this framework.  In this article you will find the most frequently asked React interview questions and, of course, the […]