GitLab vs GitHub

Hello, everyone! Would you like to fulfill your knowledge of IT technology field? I think you wonder what I have prepared for you. Yeah, you’re right! Today’s topic must be attractive to those who tightly bond with software development. You, guys, might have heard of GitLab and GitHub, if not, I will illuminate the most important issues about these two software depositories – GitLab vs GitHub. What is GitLab and GitHub? How to use it? Which is the best? I will overview these points and will clarify many moments which you, maybe have been interested in. Don’t be confused, all […]

Regression testing. General overview

Hello, readership! How is your day? Are you ready to read anything interesting today? Recently, we’ve taken a close look at what unit testing is. And today we are going to discuss the topic – “Regression testing. General overview”. I tried to prepare an attractive and valuable topic to discuss. In that event, I have a well-known quote: “All this modern technology just makes try to do everything at once”. I reckon, that after reading this article, everyone says: ”Surely, I use this testing in my work”. Of course, I will reveal some general information with some details.  From my […]

Top-16 React JS interview questions

Nowadays react interview questions are becoming one of the most popular topics for future developers. It is easily explained. React JS is one of the most popular and influential JavaScript platforms and the most popular front-end framework of recent times. That is why I’d like to represent the topic – top-16 React JS interview questions.  With such the popularity and level of penetration in all companies, either start-ups or large corporations, there are many opportunities to get a job if we master this framework.  In this article you will find the most frequently asked React interview questions and, of course, the […]

Software Developer vs Software engineer

Hi, guys! Today I’ve decided to light up useful info about the difference between software developer and software engineer. I’m sure you must have questioned yourself: “How do software developers and engineers differ? Are these two notions too different? What to choose software developer vs software engineer?” Although most people call these two notions the same. Lots of people think that these specialists do literally similar work. But believe me, guys, these specialists do have some differences. For you to find the answers I suggest getting acknowledged with my topic. I will reveal some main facts about software developers and […]

Programming language popularity

Hello, everyone! How is your day going? I hope it’s going well. There are a ton of programming languages in use nowadays. Now, in this article, I will share my opinions on programming language popularity. Jaron Lanier’s computer scientist said:” The most important thing about a technology is how it changes people.” In point of fact, that’s quite clear that nowadays, our world is changing, and everything is changing. We all know that thing depends on various factors that you can have or not. In this topic, I wanna give some short information about programming language popularity because I am […]

App development cost

Hello, guys! Apps have become an integral part of our life and now they help us in lots of different situations. In this case, I have the well-known quote “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” That is why I’d like to cast light on app development costs today. In this article, we will talk about the factors which influence the price of an app. Of course, the price of creating an app varies from country to county and depends on the complexity of the created product. The resources spent on the whole process of creating an app […]