PHP vs Ruby

PHP vs Ruby. Sooner or later each developer possessed one programming language perfectly, wants to try something new. To do this, he first searches for some new and relevant and then starts comparing, drawing conclusions, and choosing what is best for him. Some developers make their choices in novelty, while others return to their familiar, reliable, and time-tested programming language.

As you understood today I will help you to make a choice between two advanced and popular programming languages PHP and Ruby. In order not to waste much time learning a new programming language, read my article and you will see whether you should remain with your proven version or keep up to date and start learning something new.

Making sure you’re not bored with reading solid text, I’ll make a comparison between Ruby and PHP step by step. I’ll compare the advantages and disadvantages of these programming languages and tell you how many developers have chosen this or that language and why.

The general description of PHP and Ruby.

So, based on this description, I can say that Ruby and PHP are two simple programming languages and you can do anything with the help of them that is available in other programming languages.

So if PHP solves all these problems, why do we need ruby?

The answer is simple! Ruby became popular in web programming due to the Ruby on Rails Framework. In Ruby, the time of development is the most important option. So, it is focused on the developer, not on the machine.

PHP vs Ruby

Let’s consider what projects you can create with the help of Ruby and PHP.

Advantages and disadvantages

It’s high time we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of both programming languages: PHP and Ruby.

PHP pros and cons

So, the first issue of my consideration is PHP pros and cons:

Ruby pros and cons

And now let’s compare Ruby pros and cons:

As you see, both languages have a great number of advantages: they are open-source, have a lot of database and information resources available, and have great users’ and developers’ community.

It is also noteworthy that PHP is easier and simple in learning than Ruby but at the same moment too simple to create more complete architecture. Besides, Ruby has perfect and loved by developers’ framework Ruby on Rails.

Thus, PHP is the best language for creating dynamic web pages. Ruby is the most high-level language that allows you to pay less attention to the details of the interface and the organization of data storage in order to focus on the application.


Now I’m transmitting for your attention the Projects using PHP and Ruby.

Looking at this diagram I can say that both PHP and Ruby enjoy great popularity among developers and users. As you see, a great number of sites were built on PHP as well as Ruby.

Though many projects and sites are built on Ruby, according to W3Techs statistic in May 2020 Ruby takes the 4th place (3.4 % of developers use this programming language), but PHP is a leader in the number of sites written on it (78.4 % of developers use this programming language):

Thus, as you see PHP is an absolute leader among programming languages used by developers for creating the projects.


PHP vs Ruby. What is better? Of course, statistics are not the only factor that should be taken into account when learning a programming language. I advise you to use technology depending on the task at hand. If you have not decided on the project and just choose one of the first technologies.

That choice towards Ruby ​​will be more difficult for you. But with the help of it, you will learn to build architecture more competently and understand what works and how. Using Ruby you will improve your programming level. Don’t you believe it? Try and prove the opposite!

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