React Native debugging

Hi, guys! How goes the world with you? Hopefully, everything is good. I’ve decided to light up some useful information about the React Native debugging. In this topic, we will discuss debugging and its strategies and tools.

William Leader an American businessman said: “Debugging becomes significantly easier if you first admit that you are the problem”.

 What is a React Native debugger?

So, I’m gonna be talking about the features of this issue, let’s remember the meanings of bug, debugger, and React Native. First of all, I want to begin with the explanation of the bug.

The bug is a kind of error made during the web development process. A bug itself occurs working in the process. It may happen for many different reasons or even you may cause it yourself.

Debugging is a large part of software development. It is connected to the things that can be wrong and right, what can both cope and do not cope with the task. Moreover, the debugging will help you to debug your program in a very simple way. You will receive this information a bit later.

React Native is a framework for developing mobile applications for both Android and iOS simultaneously. It’s founded on React, Facebook’s JavaScript library for building a user interface.

React Native debugging is a process of searching for bugs written in React Native apps with the aim to fix them.

Redux, in my opinion, the most suggested debug instrument, particularly, while coding in your React Native. But we should not forget about such tools for debugging like React Devtools and Chrome 

DevTools. Therefore, you can connect all these tools to achieve the best out of them. 

It is clear from this observation that Reacts Native debugger is relevant for developers.

Debugging strategies

To perform the debugging process fast and effectively, you need to follow some strategies. In general, there are three strategies for debugging.

Brute force

Brute force is the most commonly used way. It is done by adopting core dumps of the program which includes a large number of information with average values and testing them. Nevertheless, analyzing the information and finding bugs more frequently causes wasted efforts and time.

Backtrack strategy

The backtrack strategy can be used successfully in small programs. When an error happens, the program is pursued one step backward during the valuation of values to find the course of bug.

Debugging by testing 

Debugging by testing is mostly provided by the methods of induction and deduction. The long and the short of it let’s think what induction and deduction are. 

Induction is a method of reasoning that moves from special cases to a common conclusion.

The deduction is a method of reasoning by which definite application deducted from common principles.

These tests are usually used in the debugging process, and begin to embody themselves in different forms during this process.

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I thought you might be interested to hear about the tools for debugging.

Chrome’s DevTools

One of the most striking features of this point is Chrome DevTools. It is the first tool to React Native debugging. If you wanna use Chrome’s DevTools to debug React Native application, the first thing you need to have a WI-FI connection. If you have an Internet connection it will be working in the blink of an eye. Then check out records of your React Native apps. 

Taking everything into account it must be said that Chrome’s DevTools can be only used when you the Internet connection.

React Developer Tools

React Developer tools are described as built-in development tools for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

This React’s Developer Tools can be the best tools for React Native debugging in these two causes:

  • Firstly, it allows the debugging of React elements.
  • Secondly, it provides the possibility to debug styles for a React Native app. At the same time, we can debug and conduct style characteristics tests and see the result of the changes instantly and without works app faith.

Redux DevTools

One of the great tools are Redux Development Tools. It gives the possibility of editing the programming environment of a React Native application.

 But, Redux DevTools come with some of the best features such as:

  • Inspector showing real-time actions
  • Tab of action 
  • Slider
  • Tab of diff
  • Chart
  • Tab of state
  • Dispatcher
  • Tab of test
  • Monitor’s log

As a result, there are a lot of instruments for debugging of React Native apps, in addition to those tools, we’ve mentioned before. The selection of tools also depends on the specific needs and requirements of your project.


And now we came to conclusion. At the end, I’ll give you short information about the React Native debugging. I hope you have gotten some information about the strategies debugging.

Here are the lists of them:

  1. Debugging by brute force
  2. Backtracking strategy
  3. Debugging by testing

I also recommended you to take a look at such tools as:

  1. Chrome’s DevTools
  2. React Developer Tools
  3. Redux DevTools

By the way, if you wanna read some more, I’d would suggest reading another article of mine: “Bug report. Short overview”.

I am grateful for your time and attention! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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