Regression testing. General overview

Hello, readership! How is your day? Are you ready to read anything interesting today? Recently, we’ve taken a close look at what unit testing is. And today we are going to discuss the topic – “Regression testing. General overview”. I tried to prepare an attractive and valuable topic to discuss.

In that event, I have a well-known quote: “All this modern technology just makes try to do everything at once”. I reckon, that after reading this article, everyone says: ”Surely, I use this testing in my work”.

Of course, I will reveal some general information with some details. 

From my point of view, this topic is worth your attention. Don’t taunt you, let’s go! 

What does regression testing mean?

In simple words, regression testing – test conducted in the technology development process. This regressing testing is costly and represents a very important problem in technology development.

What is the main purpose of regression testing? How do you think? To say shortly, regression testing is aimed to provide general stability. Regression means retesting the constant parts of the app. For a long time, my friend consultant has been saying: “Testing is not responsible for the bugs inserted into software any more than the sun is responsible for creating dust in the air”.

To my mind, this testing plays a major and really important role as well. Now let’s move to the next point.


So, to ease up your worries, I have organized the list of the most used regression tools for automated regression testing. Such tools help to support testers to save time in their work by performing tests quickly and with high quality.

Now we are gonna take a look at the most popular regression testing instruments:

Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is like a piece of cake. It is easy for beginners. It provides the best solutions which we also could be called ”all – in -one”. Why? It is the best tool for test automation either for computers, networks or mobile devices. Ranorex provides regression testing easier and faster for you. 

This tool used by many companies around the globe. Ranorex Studio could be combined with such excellent tools like Jira, Git, Jenkins and much more.


That’s quite clear that Selenium is known as an Open Source app. It is one of the biggest automated mechanisms, which is used for regression testing of web applications.

It is connected with programming languages and other testing means and as a result, provides frameworks. It’s a great tool for doing common regression testing.


Watir is a short form for web application testing in Ruby. You can write an easy-to-read app and continue the examination with the test. This tool has great browser cooperation abilities. From these facts, one may conclude that many big companies like SAP, Oracle, Facebook have used these tools for regression testing.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is an automated testing resolution built on the basis of Selenium and Appium for the net. It also supports various testing techniques. For example, keyword-driven, data-driven and so on. Katalon Studio is really useful and simple for a newcomer as a tool to start with.

As a result, there are many types of regression testing equipment. It is widely used in different web applications which could be used in various spheres of work like trading and services and etc.

It is quite clear that these tools make everything easier to work. Thanks to many automation tools, specialists can operate easier, faster, and using fewer facilities. So, I hope it is clear to you what the main tools you may use.


1. Corrective regression testing

Corrective regression testing is when no changes are introduced in the product’s specification. For such sessions, programmers, as a rule, rarely write new test instances, but in most cases, they choose to reuse the old ones.

2. Retest – all

The next type of regression testing. This type of testing is very boring and time-wasting. In my opinion, this type of testing is one of the most popular. This type of testing is used when some changes have been previously implemented in the existing products and need to be processed.

3. Partial regression testing 

This regression testing is executed after the effect search. In the partial regression testing, the coding unit which is the newest and was added recently allows cooperating with the portions of the rules which are already in use of the previous code unit. When all those manipulations are done we can guarantee that changes of the code in the system will start correctly.

4. Unit regression testing

It’s the most significant part of unit testing. In most cases, developers provide it separately from the main process. The reason, in this case, that testing, has a connection to the coding unit. All the additions and changes could be stopped during the time of providing a test.

I really recommended this type of regression testing for it is easy to operate during the work. 

How to do regression testing?

If you have no idea how to provide regression testing, the time has now come. I hope that this short guide will give you a primary understanding of this process. Let’s discuss it step by step.

  1. Identify the need. Thereafter the development of programs is over it is necessary to find the mistakes. That’s why the specialists conduct the testing in order to resolve and correct them.
  2. Set test conditions. The aim of testing is to help specialists to produce test requirements for proper regression testing.
  3. Identify the place to start. It is necessary for developers to find the right place for providing the test. Why? Because, believe me, this also affects a lot in this process. Developers need to identify the places where the mistakes are mostly possible and start the testing from one of them.
  4. Define the criteria. Specialists choose criteria for their testing steps, which relies on conditions and the aim of their testing process.

So, I hope that after reading all the steps that are mentioned above, your regression testing will be done in the right way.


So, let’s summarize all my words written above. I tried to demonstrate the most important points, which can be helpful for you. I hope this topic “Regression testing. General overview” helped you to get some more information about regression testing now. To conclude everything up, I’ll give you the list of 4 main tools for that.

Here is the list of them:

  • Ranorex studio;
  • Selenium;
  • Watir;
  • Katalon Studio.

I also recommended you to take a look at the types of it.

  • Corrective Regression test;
  • Retest – all regression testing;
  • Partial regression testing;
  • Unit regression testing.

I certainly hope that now you have the answer to the question: ”What is regression testing?” I’m really thankful for reading this article. By the way, if you need a front-end developer with deep hard and soft skills, please, refer to our company AVA codes. We will find a great specialist for you. Also, if you need some more information or just bored sitting at home, you may read other articles of mine here.

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