Salary for front-end developers

Hello, everyone! You are welcome to get acquainted with one of the most valuable and important topics nowadays − salary for front-end developers. How often do you ask yourself “How much money will I earn if I get this or that job?”

I suppose this is the main thing you are interested in while looking for a job. In this case, I have the well-known quote “Money makes sense”. If you stick to this quote as well, I’ll give you a little tip of how the salary of front-end developers can help you to make money. Is it worth your attention? Surely, it is.

If you’re completely into web development, there’s super useful information for you. So, what is it? Here you go, today I’m gonna reveal the info concerning salary for front-end developer, which definitely will come in handy in the future if you choose to work in the web development field. I know you’re anxious to get as much information as possible. Ok, I won’t tease you anymore.  

So let’s go! 

Various kinds of web developers

Did you know that there are three levels of web developers? No? So let me clarify this question. Moreover, I will light up other facts that can surely influence the front end developer salary. But first, let me tell you about the main points. Let’s start from the beginning.

1. Entry-level developer

I suppose, you reckon, that this level is for the beginners, who have just started working in this field. Those people who have graduated from universities and got their first job. Not bad. But, what about a reward? It’s gonna be not so highly paid job, but at least you will gain experience. The more experienced you become, the more your salary increases. This will give you an opportunity to transfer to the next level. Not so fast, but still, be confident to reach it.

2. Junior-level developer

This is the second step or position you may reach when being hardworking. For sure, you have achieved experience in commercial web development and can freely tell people how this industry works.

Unfortunately, you won’t become the richest person ever, because your salary is just in the middle range between the lowest and the highest, but still, you are enjoying your job.

You’ll be enjoying being a junior-level developer for the next 10 or 15 years. Yes, you didn’t mishear. This is the period when you will get as much experience as needed. Pretty good opportunity to improve your skills and finally reach the highest pointed level – senior-level.

3. Senior-level developer

People who gained the highest level are those who can make a great amount of money in this business. Their salary, as you already guessed, is the highest among others.

Let’s talk about numbers

Obviously, talking about numbers, it should be mentioned that front-end developer salary straightly depends on experience, education, knowledge of the English language. However, there’re some particular factors that strongly influence web developers’ salaries, such as the size of the company, competency level, geographical location. I will try to illustrate the factors more precisely to make things simple and understandable. So, let’s go ahead. 

I will go briefly through each level of front-end developer salary. 

1. Entry-level 

Entry-level developers tend to get the lowest salary among others. Since those people just started working in this industry it completely makes sense. According to, the average entry-level developer salary may vary around the mark of $19.7 per hour.

 Considering that a workweek is made up of 40 hours, using simple math, as a result, we get $38.000 per year. Firstly, this can be explained by the fact that the entry-level developers usually get paid less due to their lack of experience or skills in this field. Moreover, they’re mostly supervised by their senior colleagues. 

Now let’s move on to the next position. 

2. Junior-level 

Considering statistics, the front-end developer salary of the middle range appears to be $78.000 per year. A surprisingly huge gap between entry-level developer salary may be explained by the experience and higher skills of junior-level developers. Those are people who have consolidated their carrier paths, which has taken a pretty long time to succeed. As I mentioned above it takes from 10 to 15 years to become a middle level professional in this field. 

3. Senior-level 

Having discussed the golden mean of front-end developer salary we should talk of the highest-pointed level of web development field − salary. Those guys seem to be “on top of the mountain”, who successfully gained the highest point of their carrier. 

If to talk about the amount of salary, apparently it’s the biggest among others. The senior-level developer salary is in the range of $103.000 per year which means $8.600 per month, pretty attractive motivation to work hard.

In addition, senior developers usually work in the most high-rated companies, this fact justifies their comparatively high salary. 

As far as you got familiar with key factors, let’s keep on moving to no less substantive facts.

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Region-dependent salary

Have you ever thought of how the region or the country you work in can influence your salary? This must be one of the most significant factors, which determines the salary.

Taking into account the range of web developers’ salaries in Europe, we may clearly understand how it varies depending on the country. The highest rate goes to Switzerland (yearly pay $65.000), meanwhile, Ukraine takes the last place ($7.400). 

Considering these numbers, we have concrete knowledge of how the inner economical state can also influence the salaries of front end developers.

This may make you think over this information for you to choose the most appropriate variant of place to work. But keep in mind, your experience, high level of knowledge and competence are the main factors which determine you as a hardworking and responsible employee. That means no matter what country you live in, you will definitely achieve success in the front-end development field. 

Requirements and skills

As I mentioned above, being well-educated, responsible and competent in the front-end development industry is probably the most essential requirement. But also I would like to mention some more points which will come in handy.


As far as you understand, being well-educated in the sphere which, you have chosen, is obligatory. You cannot become a professional front-end developer until you get particular knowledge, at least you have to get acquainted with what the sphere of front-end development demands. If you want to become a part of this particular field you have to learn hard, constantly improving your knowledge in different technologies, programming languages and, of course, deepen your soft skills as well.

Knowledge of the English language 

I’m sure you are not surprised by this point because the English language is one of the most highly used languages in the world. According to this, many companies require English language knowledge. If you’re free to speak English being able to use the terms, definitely you will get a chance to become a part of this industry.


Knowledge and education don’t exclude such points as skills. Being able to apply your knowledge in practice properly, learn new things means to acquire skills you will need for your further work.


So, it’s high time to come to the end of this topic, which, I hope, was a good guide in the finding of pros and cons in the web development field, precisely, in salary for a front-end developer. Let’s briefly recollect all the points I mentioned before.

 First of all, remember, education, skills, a good knowledge of the English language will help you to become a valuable front-end developer. 

To gain the highest point you will have to try your best to go through all levels of web developers: entry, junior, senior. Pretty long way but don’t get upset, because you will be motivated by a good reward. 

Quite reasonable to recall that the location may play a considerable role in making money, but don’t forget, if you are confident, skilled, experienced you will be definitely rewarded, wherever you are.

I hope you have gotten some new information about salary for front-end developers.

I tried to highlight the most important facts, which can be useful for you in case you’re dreaming of a job in the web development industry. Since you have discovered the most necessary info, be confident to try your best to get the dream job. 

Thanks for sharing the time reading this mini tip!

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