Software project outsourcing

Hey, everyone! Today, guys, I suggest revealing a valuable subject in the modern world as software project outsourcing. Talking about outsourcing let me illuminate what it means. I’m sure at least once you have faced this notion because it’s a widespread idea of business companies all around the world. Outsourcing is usually called a phenomenon of the 20th century. Since the late 80th of the 20th century, it entered the practice of business and has become a world spread notion.

In today’s topic, I will try to disclose as much information as possible about software project outsourcing. I will picture the concept of this term, how it works, and what it suggests. Let’s dive deeper into the software development world.

1. What is software outsourcing in short?

Software outsourcing is essentially the selection of the 3rd party service provider. This provider executes all the tasks regarding software development projects. Basically, outsourcing is a company’s method of devolving control of a particular business field or a project to a fitted outer company that possesses abilities, skills, sources, and time to command the needed business calls.

Those companies that compete in remitting of high-end software, involving gifted developers around the world, are passionate about the ability to shift technological needs to 3rd parties. The motivation of involving remote skilled software developers occurs when the enterprises experience a lack of professional workforce in technologies. Because of this, they can’t meet affordable software services that provide IT-technological needs.

2. Why software development outsourcing companies are highly-requested?

Since vendors need the software projects to be done in a perfect way they struggle in searching skilled, talented, qualified, and advanced professionals in software development outsourcing companies. Fortunately, these companies provide flexibility and accessibility of service. Also, they’re implemented with affordable prices, available and high-quality services, and highly-educated staff.

They have a range of options to choose for cooperation such as geographical location, language requirement, cultural similarity, the time difference. However, all the client needs are the result and way of receiving, so it must be the most important principle. Surely the customer should count several moments while making the choice such as the budget, the project term, and the number of required developers.

3. Basic software outsourcing mistakes that must be avoided

Having included the fact that software outsourcing is a process that must be carefully analyzed before its realization as it can lead to unpredictable and unpleasant consequences if the decision wasn’t made right, I’d like to light briefly some particular mistakes you must avoid during this procedure.

  • Basing only on results

You have to consider some other aspects related to work together. For example, technical learning, new opportunities, strengthening of the relationships, and so on.

  • Not defining what to outsource

Make an analysis of those possible projects you are thinking to contract.

  • Thinking just about the cost

When all the decisions you make solely depend on the price and money. 

  • Selection of a wrong provider

You need to compare suppliers and make a decision that will be based on the location, language, experience, knowledge of the industry, your personal requirements, and etc.

  • Not getting involved

That’s crucial to have or find a professional (as a rule, Project Manager) who will be involved in the various moments of the outsourced project on a daily basis.

  • Ignoring the technical quality

That is important to require the supplier to provide a minimum expected (and realistic, for sure) quality level of a product.

  • Not taking advantage of the learning opportunities

When you outsource the project you actually get an excellent opportunity to learn different methodologies, new technical knowledge, various managing processes that will definitely help you to improve.

  • Neglecting the contracted aspects

Define the type of contract which will become the basis for the project. The working terms and arrangements must be extremely clear.

  • The honeymoon effect

The honeymoon phase will eventually end. Good management is key throughout the entire process. So, bad and good things can be well managed.  

4. Major points of successful software project outsourcing

As far as you get acquainted with the main mistakes you should keep away from, let me introduce you some points that will help you to succeed in outsourcing, here they are:

5. Various types of software project outsourcing

It’s obvious that any type of software project can be outsourced in such ways:

  • Mobile apps
  • Internet
  • Games
  • Operating systems
  • Cloud storage systems
  • Websites

6. Top reliable software project outsourcing companies

What are reliable software project outsourcing companies? How do you think? It means that companies provide the best-qualified specialist. This specialist can cope with any requested task including the client’s specific needs and desires. There are about 86 software project outsourcing companies all around the world that offer their services, but I want to mention the best ones deserving your attention.







So, guys, now we have to conclude all the info mentioned earlier. Having touched upon all the main principles of software projects outsourcing I may overall one important thing. Nowadays we have great opportunities to realize our desires or needs. How? By cooperating with qualified, responsible, and trained tech experts, that will provide you the best result.

The cooperation of a client and companies surely won’t be extra in aiming common goals. The only thing that clients need to do. This is to find the right, fitted, and reliable company, which can supply the best professionals.

I have mentioned some of the most trustworthy companies. So you can rely on the list above if you need help. I hope I have prepared a useful and engaging topic that will come in handy in the future.

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Thanks for your attention and stay safe!

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