SQL interview questions

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SQL bаsic intеrview quеstions

However, any interview begins with the basic questions whether you are interviewed in а small firm or a huge organization. Please remember your answers should be laconic and clear. So, let’s read these questions.

1.What is Database?

2. What is DBMS?

3.What is RDBMS? How is it different from DBMS?

4. What is SQL?

5. What is the difference between SQL and MySQL?

Advanced SQL interview questions

You’ve read the most basic SQL interview questions and answers. And now, let’s discuss advanced SQL interview questions. Different companies have different approaches to their interviewing process. Some would be concentrating on work experience and knowledge. So, here’s a list of advanced SQL interview questions.

1. Say a few words about Index

2. Name the components that make up the most basic MySQL architecture

The most basic MySQL is built up of three main elements such as query optimizer, connection manager, and pluggable engines.

3. Explain the variables of SQL.

During SQL interview questions you need to know that In SQL, there are two different variables – local and global.

So, now you’re a little more familiar with both the basic and more advanced SQL interview questions. It is no secret that good programmers more and more needed and required every single day. As usually potential companies are ready to pay massive salaries for people that can prove that they’re active in the fields of programming and development.


To draw the conclusion, one can say that we covered most of the SQL questions that you can be asked at the interview. Furthermore, you know that SQL is one of the most popular languages that are currently in demand. Many people like it for the language’s simplicity and knowledge should be applied and used in many various areas. There are a lot of different SQL-related questions that your possible employers might ask you. I hope, you have got the answers to all the questions you are interested in. I hope you have enjoyed the topic: “SQL interview questions” and received some valuable and helpful information.

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