TOP-19 Interview Questions for AngularJS

Hello everyone! If you started reading this article, it means that you’re lucky. Because today I will reveal one of the most interesting and useful topics among all the publications: Top 19 interview questions for AngularJS. Are you ready to know what I’m gonna tell you about? So, let’s continue reading.  Introduction If to paraphrase the well-known aphorism, I can surely say: “A one who owns the information, owns the interview situation”. I reckon, that after reading these JavaScript Interview questions, everyone could confidently say: “Oh, sounds like they wrote about me!” For some people, an interview is a trial, for […]

Angular JS: Should you migrate your app to Angular 2+?

Angular.js: Should you migrate your app to Angular 2+?Watch this video on YouTube. Hello, everyone! Today I’d like to share my opinion on Angular JS and Angular 2+. Also, I want to tell about their advantages and disadvantages and tell if you should migrate your app from Angular JS to Angular 2+. Quite clear that nowadays lots of apps are still running on Angular JS and that is why we do have the issue about migration to Angular 2+. You know, guys, lately I’ve received a lot of requests from people to rewrite the apps from Angular JS to Angular. […]