The difference between a UI developer and front-end developer

Hey, everyone! How’s life treating you? I hope you are good. For today I have prepared gorgeous and valuable topic. Are you heard the difference between a UI developer and front-end developer? If no, be ready. I will illustrate the difference. I certainly and hope that this topic will help you in your work. First of all, I want to introduce you what a UI developer and front- end developer and give some general information about them. Now it’s time to begin probably. It will be fun. I promise to walk you through each point of this article. Be careful […]

Salary for front-end developers

Hello, everyone! You are welcome to get acquainted with one of the most valuable and important topics nowadays − salary for front-end developers. How often do you ask yourself “How much money will I earn if I get this or that job?” I suppose this is the main thing you are interested in while looking for a job. In this case, I have the well-known quote “Money makes sense”. If you stick to this quote as well, I’ll give you a little tip of how the salary of front-end developers can help you to make money. Is it worth your […]

Good and great developers. What is the difference?

Hey, guys! Have you ever asked yourself questions: “What top skills should a professional developer possess? What is the difference between good and great developers?”  Sometimes the line between them may seem rather thin, but afraid not, in this article you will get the points and traits of good and great developers that will drive you to the right decision. But keep in mind that a good or great developer should not possess all the skills, listed below because it’s a rare occasion but believe me if your developer has at least several of them that means you’re lucky and […]

How to find a front-end developer in 2020?

How to find a front-end developer in 2020?Watch this video on YouTube. Hello, guys. Today I want to share my considerations about how to find a great front-end developer in 2020. To be honest, that’s a crucial question nowadays but firstly, I reckon, that’s important to understand what makes a developer really great. Personal opinion Surely, skills and knowledge are greatly important in this profession because without them that’s impossible to do something. In my opinion, a truly great developer should be creative and has a really huge passion to create something new, unique and for the sake of this […]

5 tips to become a better front-end developer

5 tips to become a better front-end developerWatch this video on YouTube. Hey, everyone! Everyone wants to be better. Front-end developers are not an exception. Usually, in the articles, I share my opinions and experience in technical and business spheres and I talk about it from the CEO’s shoes. This time I want to talk not about tech or hard skills like CSS, Html, JavaScript that are strongly required among front-end developers. Today I want to pay your attention to soft skills that will help any front-end developer to become much better. Long ago, in my everyday working routine when […]