Front-end frameworks

Hello, my pals! I’ve been thinking about what article to choose for drawing your attention. And I decided to write about front-end frameworks. In this article, I have collected the most popular frameworks.  Also, we will read about their advantages and disadvantages. As you can see, today the amount of frameworks has increased extremely. I hope, this topic will make your choice easier. Let’s prelude! Most popular frameworks Angular It is a framework created by Google, which helps us in building effective web apps. It is a framework that allows building various web applications with large measures and high-efficiency. As […]

Vue: the dark horse of front-end development

Hello, everyone! I hope you stay safe and healthy in this period of time. Today I wanna reveal such an interesting and I believe valuable topic – Vue: the dark horse of front-end development. To say it easier – how you can get the benefit of using Vue instead of Angular or React.  You know, guys, I have tried to use Vue.js personally as well as my employees, and that has inspired me to write this article in order to show you the benefits of this technology. For now, it does not take a big piece of pie at the […]

Salary for front-end developers

Hello, everyone! You are welcome to get acquainted with one of the most valuable and important topics nowadays − salary for front-end developers. How often do you ask yourself “How much money will I earn if I get this or that job?” I suppose this is the main thing you are interested in while looking for a job. In this case, I have the well-known quote “Money makes sense”. If you stick to this quote as well, I’ll give you a little tip of how the salary of front-end developers can help you to make money. Is it worth your […]

Angular vs React: Which One to Choose for Your App in 2020?

Angular vs React: Which one to choose for your app in 2020?Watch this video on YouTube. Hello, everyone! This time, guys, I want to share my opinion about Angular and React and try to answer one of the most frequently asked questions, “Angular vs React: Which one to choose for your app in 2020?”. Short overview I have done a ton of projects for the last six years using both technologies. That’s why I assume I have some experience with that issue. Today I’m intended to give a short overview and cast light on the advantages and disadvantages of Angular […]