Software project outsourcing

Hey, everyone! Today, guys, I suggest revealing a valuable subject in the modern world as software project outsourcing. Talking about outsourcing let me illuminate what it means. I’m sure at least once you have faced this notion because it’s a widespread idea of business companies all around the world. Outsourcing is usually called a phenomenon of the 20th century. Since the late 80th of the 20th century, it entered the practice of business and has become a world spread notion. In today’s topic, I will try to disclose as much information as possible about software project outsourcing. I will picture […]

Software outsourcing

Over the past few years, outsourcing has become firmly embedded in the economic life and business. Using third-party services to solve problems in the widest range of information technologies that can be called the trend. The use of outsourced professional services by companies in any industry helps to improve the competitiveness of the company. Also, it supports access to the necessary professional resources with a certain reduction in the cost of their tasks. If you want to be a part of software development outsourcing this article is for you. Read it to find out what software outsourcing is, the pros […]

How to outsource app development in 2020?

How to outsource app development in 2020?Watch this video on YouTube. Hello, everyone! This time, guys, I want to cast light on the rather interesting and valuable question – how to outsource app development in 2020. To be honest for the last five years I have been on both sides of app development outsourcing. I have been as a customer and as a performer and I do have some experience here which I want to share. Reasons That’s not a secret that any kind of business is risky and when you decide on outsourcing it can be quite risky too, […]