Software Developer vs Software engineer

Hi, guys! Today I’ve decided to light up useful info about the difference between software developer and software engineer. I’m sure you must have questioned yourself: “How do software developers and engineers differ? Are these two notions too different? What to choose software developer vs software engineer?” Although most people call these two notions the same. Lots of people think that these specialists do literally similar work. But believe me, guys, these specialists do have some differences. For you to find the answers I suggest getting acknowledged with my topic. I will reveal some main facts about software developers and […]

5 ways to motivate software engineers

5 ways to motivate software engineersWatch this video on YouTube. Hello, guys! You know, I have written a lot of articles in such spheres as Tech, Business, where I always shared my experience as a CEO and in this article, I’d like to tell something about the motivation for those who are the main human resource and the soul of the company – software engineers. And also I will share my 5 ways to motivate software engineers. Motivation Every activity has such a thing as a human factor and I guess, the motivation is a key human factor in the […]