TOP-19 Interview Questions for AngularJS

Hello everyone! If you started reading this article, it means that you’re lucky. Because today I will reveal one of the most interesting and useful topics among all the publications: Top 19 interview questions for AngularJS. Are you ready to know what I’m gonna tell you about? So, let’s continue reading. 


If to paraphrase the well-known aphorism, I can surely say: “A one who owns the information, owns the interview situation”. I reckon, that after reading these JavaScript Interview questions, everyone could confidently say: “Oh, sounds like they wrote about me!”

For some people, an interview is a trial, for others – a chance or fun. But no matter what category of people you are in, you still have to go through this at least once in your lifetime.

To be interviewed successfully, you need to follow simple but effective advice and rules. So, imagine that you’re gonna be employed as a front end developer. In recent years, AngulaJS attached the attention of many companies. So now most of them try to integrate it into their workflows.  

Besides, front end developer salary will make you happy! It’s a high paying job. Therefore, many people want to start learning this framework. That means that interview questions and other training courses are very relevant for those who want to get a job in this area.

It is obvious that your employers wanna know if you have any idea about the framework at all and how well you know AngularJS in particular. Therefore, I will give you Top-19 AngularJS interview questions and answers, that HR managers or employers usually ask at the interview. After that, I will consider a few general interview preparation tips which will help you to be more confident and competitive.

Let’s start!  

1. Describe AngularJS and state what is it so useful for?

       At first sight, it is a very easy question and you might think that you won’t even be asked it. But actually, the employer wants to make sure if you understand this topic and whether you can explain such a complex process in your own words, or you just memorized the terminology by heart and tell everything in one breath, until you are interrupted.

So, AngularJS is a framework that was developed to ease the process of creating one-page apps, as well as expand browser applications based on the MVC template.

2. Why was AngularJS named so?

Angular is a Javascript platform that is written inside HTML tags, using angle brackets. And JS-is just an abbreviation of Javascript.

3. State the benefits of AngularJS over similar frameworks? 

I think you will like this question because this is one of the freest questions that will allow you to express your point of view about the usage of AngularJS. You may describe your favorite function working with the framework. But I still will give you a prompt.

The most common and well-known AngularJS benefits include: 

  • declarative code style;
  • use of directives;
  • high development speed;
  • two-way data binding;
  • ability to add validation forms and MVC templates;
  • full server support, etc.

4. State AngularJS key features?

AngularJS’s key features:

  • data-binding;
  • directives;
  • scope;
  • linking;
  • model;
  • controller;
  • filter;
  • service.

5. How can you explain data-binding meaning in AngularJS? 

Data binding is a process of automatically view update when the model changes, as well as a model update when the view changes. This excludes DOM manipulations from the list of things to worry about. AngularJS supports one-way and two-way data binding. 

6. Determine DIRECTIVES and list their types in AngularJS?

It is the basic AngularJS Interview question. Open any training course in AngularJS and you will see that most of them begin with an explanation of this term.

In AngularJS directives are defined as attributes that allow inventing new HTML syntax for the application under development. It makes your page unique and allows to implement a more personal approach.

There are three types of directives: Components, Structural and Attribute.

7. What is the AngularJS scope?

When you are asked the basic questions, you can’t do without definition. But the definition should be strict, short and comprehensive. Remember it.

A scope is an object related to the application model. The areas of scopes are hierarchically organized and imitate the DOM structure of the application. It can track expression changes and distribute events. The scope defines any objects which can be used in view and which can be set data binding to. Formally, the scope is a JavaScript object.

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Now, let’s return to our top 19 interview questions for AngularJS.

8. Determine the gap between scope and root scope?

You must be ready for the fact that not all the questions will consist of definitions. Sometimes you have to compare various AngularJS functions. And sometimes it is better to give a short and clear answer than try to explain everything in detail.

Both of these functions are used to connect your personalizations to the live version of the page. The only difference is that scope has limited availability, while root scope has full access from anywhere.

9. What is the LINK function?

One of the easiest questions in AngularJS, which can be determined as a function that you can use to perform operations, which are oriented on specific actions.  

10. State the role of FILTER in AngularJS?

Filters allow you to do some modifications in data before outputting to the page, for example, transform or change data set, such as number, currency, date, uppercase, etc.

11. Determine the MODULE function in AngularJS?

The AngularJS module is the main form of application organization. It looks like storage of information such as directives, filters, controllers, etc. One application may have several modules. For example, different modules may represent some specific functionality.

Modules allow us to organize and structure the various components of the AngularJS application. Besides, the application modularity increases testability so that we can use different parts of one module application in other applications.

12. Determine the SERVICE function in AngularJS?

AngularJS services are special objects or functions that perform some common tasks for the entire application. As a rule, AngularJS has several built-in services that are there to help you. Besides, it is possible to create your services to perform specific tasks.

13. What is the function of CONTROLLER?

The controller adds behavior to DOM-elements. AngularJS allows us to describe behavior simply without a template of DOM update, callbacks registration, or scan of model changes.

14. How can you use the FACTORY and PROVIDER?

AngularJS provides such types of services as the Factory, Service, and Provider.

All these types are Singletone, so any changes in the service state will be saved throughout the application.

The factory is the easiest and most commonly used type of service. The factory doesn’t impose any restrictions on the formation rules and type of data returned. One of the approaches to create a factory is the open module template.

The provider is an expanded factory. Usually, the provider is used to describe resource access through JSONP. 

15. Why are AngularJS TEMPLATES useful?

Templates are HTML-pages that have specific syntax. This means that you can implement your data on the page and make it unique.

16. What is the connection between location and URL?

One of the most significant features of a serious application is localization. AngularJS contains filters and directives that help make the application accessible to different languages ​​and cultures.

AngularJS location makes URL accessible to the app. All the changes made by users in URL in the address bar are displayed in location and on the contrary, if you’ve changed the service location it is displayed in the address bar. 

17. What browsers does AngularJS work with? 

AngularJS works with all available desktop browsers. (To avoid the next suggestive question, I’d recommend you to complete your previous sentence with the words: “… as well as mobile”)

18. What mobile browsers are AngularJS incompatible with? List them.

If you hear a similar question and know the answer, do not lose your confidence. A potential employer may try to make doubt your knowledge.

Just say:

“AngularJS supports either mobile or desktop browsers”.

19. Imagine that your task is to test AngularJS. How would you do it? What instruments would you use?

This question gives you a choice. You can name your favorite framework or just the one you worked with before. But I give you my variant, which I find also rather good.

Nowadays, Jasmine is the most popular program for testing your applications on AngularJS. Jasmine is a framework that allows you to fully customize your tests and document results in the process.

General Advice

Now, as I promised, let’s talk about general advice to be interviewed successfully. I won’t talk about thousands of different approaches and methods in detail. You can read about them in other sources. I will try to pay attention to the key points and advice, which can help you to become patient before the interview as well as at the interview.

What do you need to be interviewed successfully? Among the main problems of most candidates I distinguished the following: 


It is impossible not to be stressed before the interview. You are not a robot, you’re a human and a competent employer understands this. However, too much nervousness can spoil the first impression.

Lack of confidence

Try to avoid pattern words and get rid of fillers such as “like”, “probably”, “as a rule”. Such words demonstrate your hesitation in what you are saying. Hesitant people rarely succeed.


The last important thing in the interview is the process of answering the question. Remember that most employers ask you the basic and easy questions just to examine your reaction, in order to understand how you are prepared for them. Body language, timbre, posture are mentioned in many various articles, and they DO HAVE importance. That’s why pay attention to both your body language and the manner of speaking as well.  


So, it’s time to come to the end of the Interview questions for AngularJS. I tried to highlight all the basic top questions and topics in AngularJS, as well as advanced. Besides, questions related to AngularJS I also highlighted the main general tips which could come in handy in preparation for the interview. I hope this guide was useful and the information you have been studied will help you to get your dream job. 

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Stay safe and have an amazing day/evening!

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