Top 5 mobile apps for an entrepreneur

Hello, people! Today I gonna tell you about not so serious but a really important and valuable topic at the same time – top 5 mobile apps for an entrepreneur.

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Startup founders, CEOs, and any type of entrepreneurs are really (sometimes enormous) busy and it’s crucial for us to stay tuned, and control everything, so fewer mistakes happen. 

Also, we need to save our time to spend it more productively, and furthermore, make our job a little bit easier.

So, let me introduce 5mobile apps that every entrepreneur must have on his/her mobile phone.

1.ABBYY Business Card Reader

At the first stages of your work as an entrepreneur or founder, it’s essential to make new contacts, so to say, “build new bridges”

That is why networking is one of the most important skills that you have to possess. 

ABBYY Business Card Reader will help you with that. As we should appreciate our contacts and connections, ABBYY will help you to organize them as well as the data related to them.

Also, it scans the business cards and allows you to edit them and save for future usage.

Furthermore, with new functions, you don’t need to spend time scanning one card after another, you can do it just simultaneously.

All in all, you are able to scan up to 10 cards at the same time without fear the everything will be messed or mixed up.

And what is also good, you can reach your contacts from any device you have.

2.Sparks for emails

The second app is also really useful. Oh, guys, that’s so damn easy to use! For me, that plays a huge role because I don’t need to waste much time figuring out how the app works.

With this app, you can bring all your mailboxes to one place and manage them there. This app gives a huge amount of opportunities like taking control of your Inbox, you can focus on the important emails. 

In general, it’s a beautiful and intelligent app with a lot of features and full of simplicity. In my opinion, it’s one of the fastest and smartest ways to manage your emails.

3.Scanner mini

The third app that I wanna tell you about is Scanner mini. Nothing special. Everything is simple. You can just scan all the necessary documents with your phone, convert it into PDF or into a text that can be copied.

It also allows you to process your documents. For instance, you can remote some shades or disruptions. And, for sure, you can send or share them with your partners, customers and so on.


I’m 100% sure that you have already heard about this app. That’s just amazing!

Easy, interesting, helpful – these three words I’d use to describe it.

This app was developed here in Ukraine, in Kyiv and which I’m greatly proud of. This app makes your writing an enjoyable walk in the local park. That’s fascinating! It brings your skills at writing to a higher level by the means of grammar and spelling checking and detection of plagiarism. 

Thus, be sure that in your emails, messages or contracts you will sound like a real pro and just super-educated guy.

All your texts will be more readable, for you can pick the right word out of the suggested ones. You may regulate your style, goals, and make the text more understandable to the type of audience that you need to appeal.

5.App in the air

This is just an outstanding app and one of my favorites for the last two years. When you travel a lot by plane it’s very helpful.

It manages all your flight documents like tickets and so on. Also, you can book a flight and cancel it. The app sends you the information on any changes in the flight by SMS, so when you are in the roaming it saves some money for you.

Additionally, it sends notifications to you and your closed ones if the flight was delayed or canceled. Moreover, it creates statistics about your flights and places that you’ve visited. As a bonus, you can get a nice map with pins in the cities and places that you have been to.

For me, it’s really cool as I travel really a lot and I just simply enjoy it!


All in all, let me just list all these top 5 mobile apps for an entrepreneur that I guess, will be useful for any entrepreneur, CEO, founder.

Here they are:

  1. ABBYY Business Card Reader;
  2. Spark for emails;
  3. Scanner mini;
  4. Grammarly;
  5. App in the air.

I hope, you will use these top 5 mobile apps for an entrepreneur to increase your productivity.

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