Trello vs Jira

Hello, people! I hope you have a couple of minutes to read an article about Trello vs Jira because for you, who, I suppose, is busy with a daily routine, will be useful to figure out the benefits of these tools.

By the way, how often do you make notes of what should be done during a day, a week, a month? Do you have all those sheets of paper all-around your house? What about notes on your smartphone? To my mind, it’s more preferable nowadays because all your plans and arrangements are in one place. Moreover, if you work in a company all the info should be systematized in one convenient place. 

Let’s see what I can suggest to you to make your planning routine easier.

1. What are Trello and Jira?

Talking about planning firstly we should define what are these tools and what is the meaning of their work. So, let’s look through briefly the info I’ve prepared below.


If you want to understand what Trello is. The easiest way is to imagine a big board with those sticky papers with your notes on it. This is literally the same. At first sight, it shows what’s being worked on, who’s working on that. Now imagine this board is full of notes with tasks, attachments, documents.

What is more, there is a place where you can comment on any note and cooperate with your teammates. And the last but the most important that you can take this board anywhere you go on your smartphone and have access to it from any computer from the web. As far as you can see this is a simple, free, flexible and intuitive way to manage your projects and organize anything. 


So, now let’s move on to Jira. It supposes to be the same as Trello, but still, it differs. This is a more accurate way to define workflow, to run daily tasks and pursue the process of work done by the team.

The tool uses all kinds of project management skills, also software development, flexible project management, bug tracking, search engine management, content management, marketing, professional service management and much more. This is what Jira created for. 

2. The difference between Trello and Jira

To find out which software fits you more let’s compare these two helpful tools. I will try to show you the main difference between Trello and Jira, for you to get acknowledged with the principle of these tools’ work. 

Basic difference

Trello is a cloud-based project management tool. It is created to help different selves and cooperate in a better way. There are different boards in classified with lists with each list having specific cards which have all details of the project.

Jira enables easily organizing, tracing and delivering any software or even updating any software. It supports several active methodologies including scrum boards. Users can also built-in workflow templates and customize those as per demands.

Team collaboration

Trello allows a user to invite any number of participants to cooperate on the same board. By using this all individuals are acknowledged of the progress, status, and tasks. Everyone has the same picture. They can also share any info and attachments. All users authorized to a particular card, list or board receiving notifications on email, SMS or push depending on the user preferences.

Jira suggests the regular collaboration peculiarities for all the different issues. It provides tools for crew members and task management and assignments. It presents features like notifications, file sharing and messaging.

Task management

Trello presents various easy for usage platforms for handling all tasks. It provides lists, boards, and cards. Anyone can plan and arrange all elements due to their particular desire and distribute these cards to a particular user and assign due to dates and add files. It also pictures lists of all the lists, cards and can be used both by a person who created and their teammates.

Jira provides task management features with workflows. Jira-based workflows help to build teams, test and release software. Users can also create their workflows for any use, and it can also be used in product development and various flexible scenarios. It can be easily matched with any flexible structure. Managing wise projects is a little more complicated than flexible ones.

3. Which one to choose?

Trello vs Jira. What to choose? According to all the points I have mentioned previously, you should choose for yourself what is more preferable for using to make the way of planning as easy as possible. Due to your needs and preferences, you may choose either Trello or Jira.

Generally, these useful tools are practically the same in usage with little differences. So whatever you choose will help you to manage your and your teammates’ plans. Trello is considered to be easier in usage and customized tool with a broad audience and Jira focuses on software developers and teams, it’s the best tool for team-building, fixing and delivering software.


And finally, we came to a conclusion. Here I wanna recollect all the points of these platforms, for you to decide which tool is gonna win in a battle Trello vs Jira. 

First of all, let’s mention that Trello and Jira are supposed to be practically the same in their work because your plans are arranged in one platform which helps you to follow your work. 

Both Trello and Jira suggest various ways of managing your and your team plans. These tools provide easier task management, you will be able to collaborate with the users, teammates using either Trello or Jira

To have an opportunity to share info, tasks, plans among users will help you to save much time, you don’t need to make millions of notes, because you have it on your smartphone or computer. As you can see, these platforms offer you to choose the best way of planning, so it’s up to which one is more preferable for you. 

I hope you enjoyed this topic “Trello vs Jira”, and I was useful in helping with your planning.


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