Types of marketplaces

Hi, guys! Would you like to get acquainted with the info that will make your way of purchase something as easy as possible? For today I have prepared an attractive and worthwhile topic to discuss. As far as a modern world requires new, more technologically advanced ways of living, I wanna disclose such a topic as types of marketplaces, their pros, and cons, why you should use it and how. 

Since purchasing takes pretty plenty of time in our lives, modern technologies suggest a quite easy and fast way to simplify this process. If you or your close people haven’t experienced online shopping yet or use this service quite rare, it’s high time to get acquainted with the info I’m gonna share with you. If you’re already interested, let’s go ahead!

1. What are marketplaces?

First of all, before I will start speaking about types of marketplaces, let’s find out the definition of “an online marketplace”. An online marketplace is a digital platform, which conciliates shopping from various sources. A marketplace is created to attract retailers and customers who can interact with each other. 

I would say that marketplaces are a dream come true for both vendors and clients, who have an opportunity to find anything in the same condition because all pages are similar. 

Now, let me mention two types of marketplaces, depending on where a buyer gets services or products.

Online to offline

This kind of marketplace is attractive to online users, but the client gets the service offline. For example, you buy a product on the web, but receive it at the shop, or you can order any service like home cleaning which you get delivered at home. You see, how simple it can be, just one click and you get anything you were offered, even your granny can use it.

Online to eCommerce

This type offers you to do purchase only online, the delivery happens online as well. For example, you book a movie ticket online, you pay for it online and then receive it on an email or your smartphone. One more example, you order any app in the apple store or the play market and use it on the internet. 

Now you understand, how useful this type of purchase can be, how much time you economize putting it to use.

This is a little portion of information you need to know, that’s why I’ll continue talking about marketplaces regarding the target audience. You may ask “What does it mean?” This question I will answer below, let’s keep on moving.

2. Marketplaces regarding the target audience 

I’m sure you might have heard of such categories of marketplaces as B2B, B2C, C2C is usually regarded as P2P. Let’s look through in short these categories for you to get acknowledged how this system works.

B2B (business-to-business) marketplace

This is an online platform where the wholesalers sell buyers services or goods in bulk. Usually, this type of marketplace is run by the third side, which allows a business to use it on profitable conditions. 

So, what are the benefits this type of marketplace can offer: 

  • extended trades canals
  • ability to share products and services to more clients
  • can start trading fast

You should pay attention to B2B if you look forward to having your own business. This will help you to interact with other business platforms and get many benefits from it. 

B2C (business-to-customer) marketplace

As you have already guessed, this type of online marketplace includes two types of users: business and customers. In this model of the marketplaces, businesses sell their goods not to business but straight to clients. B2C model of the marketplace offers clients to buy various goods in one-stop shops online. As far as this kind of marketplaces is very popular nowadays, people have an opportunity to purchase anything starting from a book to a car on such platforms. 

I will point out the most popular B2C marketplaces later, but now let’s speak about the last but not the least type of marketplaces − C2C (P2P).

C2C or P2P (customer-to-customer or peer-to-peer) marketplace

This type of platform allows people to cooperate by sharing products, depending on their taste, incomes, needs. How does C2C work? You don’t need to be a genius to use this kind of online marketplace. You can share your products or service in exchange for money or other service or goods.

One more thing should be taken into consideration that one day you can be a customer another day you may offer your service. So now you can clearly see how little efforts it takes to use this kind of platform. 

3. Worldwide rated online marketplaces

I tried to show you how the structure of marketplaces works, so now it’s time to mention a couple of the most highly used online marketplaces all around the world. So let’s see what we’ve got.

  • Amazon – is one of the most famous marketplaces used by buyers and sellers all over the world. It involves 5 million marketplace sellers and 197 million shoppers surfing the platform monthly. So, as you can see, it contains the largest customer base. Amazon is profitable for those who want to be exposed to millions of customers. 
  • eBay – this widespread marketplace introduces about 168 million active customers who provide about $96 billion yearly great market value. Including 190 markets all around the world, you’ll have lots of opportunities to expand and grow.
  • Walmart – one more worldwide profitable marketplace. Here you will have access to 440 million buyers who visit this platform itself or use partner sites like Jet.com. You can buy and you can sell, depends on your needs and desires.

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So, now it’s high time to conclude everything I was talking about in this topic. First, you have discovered the info about the types of marketplaces, which has pictured you the whole system of online marketplaces and the principle of its work. 

Remember, you have a great opportunity to be involved in trade, depending on what you are aiming − to buy, to sell or both. 

If you have your business the best place for interaction will be B2B (business-to-business) marketplace. Cooperation with other business platforms will give you many benefits.  

B2C (business-to-customer) marketplace tights both sides – a business and a client. In this platform the business offers, the customer buys. It may be anything you want starting from goods to services. A pretty simple way of cooperation.  

And the last one type of online marketplace is C2C or P2P (customer-to-customer or peer-to-peer) marketplace. It quite obvious from the name of the platform, that the customers communicate with customers. Have something to sell? Use this platform. Want something to buy? Also, use this type of marketplace.

What can combine all these types of marketplaces? – The way you want to purchase. If you wanna buy online but get the product or service offline, you will use online to the offline marketplace. 

In case, you buy online and get the purchased product or service online as well, it’s online to eCommerce type of marketplace. 

I would say the way you use any type of marketplace be like “Easy peasy lemon squeezy”. Not many efforts are demanded, good benefits are gained. 

In the end, I would say that tried to reveal the most interesting points of this topic for you to become an advanced online user. So take your chance! 


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