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Hello, mates! How is your mood? Are you ready for reading a new article? Today I’m gonna tell you about web development services. I think you’ve been looking for this information for a long time. And now we will talk about famous development companies. Also, the last point will be about web designers and web development. 

Let’s don’t waste time and examine this a little more detail.

What is web development?

Firstly, I want to introduce some interesting facts about web development services. First things first, let’s remember the meanings of web, web development. In short, a few words about this information.

The Web or World Wide Web is a system of Internet servants that maintain specific information. Furthermore, the pieces of information are formatted inextensible by a markup language named HTML that supports connections to other documents.

Web development is a work concerned with the development of a web site for the Internet. In addition, it can include web engineering, graphical design, and web content development. Also, it is widely known as website development.

Web development services

Do you know successful web development services? I would like to tell you very shortly.

Custom software development

Custom software development is the creation of process software. This service is specially adapted for a certain group of people and structures. This service is introduced to ensure that all your special requirements are met.

Economic analysis

The economic analysis contains the analysis of risk, analysis of benefic cost, and predictions. This service is prepared to help customers understand both inputs to make a decision and the impact of those decisions. Moreover, this type of service is submitted individually.

ROR web development 

You can see, that in these times ROR has become more popular development tools in the market. Measure up to other languages ROR is a piece of cake to test, automated cod reduce your testing time.

All these services are well-known in the world of web technologies and it is worth your attention.

Famous development companies

Have a look at this list of the greatest web developers. Perhaps you will search for the one that provides various web development services.


Sumatosoft is a site development company that offers a vast variety of services: mobile app development, custom software, economic analysis, and others. The company built custom software and delivers turn-key projects with a deep understanding of modern technology. They apply global projects and provide high-end web, mobile, and solutions.


Anadea is a company that offers custom software development services for web and mobile. This company has deep professionalism in whole-stack web development, building iOS and Android mobile applications and designing. This company also provides particular industry software for construction, education, travel agencies, and medical care. 


This company was founded in 2000. It is a worldwide IT services company offering software development solutions for the trade of all sizes across different industries. There is a development center of this company in Chennai, India.


It is an eastern European IT company. The firm has 600 effective projects in software development for dozens of clients worldwide. Also, this company mainly concentrating on software application and product development using Java, Net, C/C++, and other technics. SCAND offers good-quality and cost-effective software development services.

Move It

Move It is a web development company that provides various design and development services. The company offers custom web and mobile solutions for a number of industries, such as funds, healthcare, and education.

 AVA codes

An amazing company that provides a wide range of services from finding an amazing front-end developer for you. This company specializes in apps development with the help of such technologies as Angular, React, React Native, and Vue.js. It also provides such services as migration from AngularJS to Angular2+ and so on. Wanna find an outstanding front-end developer with a full understanding of your needs? Turn to AVA codes! These guys are real experts in their work.

So, all these companies provide different software development facilities. As you can see, each company has various technology. All these companies like chalk and cheese.

Web design and development

A lot of practice shows that many people confuse the differences between design and development. Are Our web design and web development just the same? To my way of thinking, the answer would be no. The responsibilities are completely different from the others. It might be useful to give a little background here.

Web designer

First of all, let’s start with the web designer. I regard that person is the big cheese. Web designers have a hard role which is often undervalued. They must combine the best ease-of-uses experience possible, and make a welcoming atmosphere for the users in their designs.

There are some of the key roles of a web designer.

  1. Usage of software tools. It can be such tools as Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, or Framer to build the final layout design of the website.
  2. You must have good skills in symbol design and pictorial design.
  3. Web designers should be with the latest design developments.

Web developers

Certainly, you will get some more information about web developers here. As a rule, web developers use web languages and software tools to develop the design and practicality of a website. We should keep in mind that web developers divided into two kinds: front –end developers, and back-end developers. Let’s take a look at them. 

A front-end developer is an individual who builds the interface and offers the plan as the interaction between the back –end of the website and the user. Moreover, these developers use three major languages: HTML, CSS, and JS.

Who are back –end developers? These are guys who check the server data and requests. Therefore, back – end developers use server languages, for example, SQL, PHP, or ASP.NET.

In addition, there are some of the core roles of a web developer.

  1. A back-end developer is mainly worried about such things as protection and structure.
  2. These developers are concentrated on data and modeling.

I hope, you have a better understanding of the difference between web designers and web development. Keep in mind, that both have important roles.


In conclusion, I hope that this article has given you a good knowledge of web development services. Therefore, among them are custom software development, economic analysis, ROR web development. Besides, I provided some information about famous development companies. 

In short, here are the lists of them: 

  1. SumatoSoft 
  2. Anadea
  3. TechAffinity    
  4. SCAND 
  5. Move It
  6. AVA codes

Thank you for reading. Hopefully, you found this article interesting.

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