What to watch for startup founders?

What to watch for startup founders?
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Hey, people! This article is gonna be not so serious as I always write. This time I wanna answer the question: “What can a startup founder watch?”

As always, I’m gonna share my thoughts and the resources that I use, as a rule. 

As founders, that’s extremely important to us to develop ourselves all the time. We have to be well-educated and gain knowledge and experience when we can.

But being a founder or a CEO takes a mass of time, so it’s hard to devote yourself to education from time to time. But if you’re moving somewhere by bus, train or plane, maybe you will find a bit of time to watch some really useful stuff.

For me, personally, that’s crucial because it keeps me motivated and full of energy.

Fine, let’s move to some cool sources that you can use to stay motivated and educated for your daily routine.

YouTube channels

The first thing that I wanna tell you about is YouTube channels which I usually watch.

1. Valuetainment 

The first YouTube channel that I would recommend you is Valuetainment created by Patrick Bet-David -- a serial entrepreneur. As for me, this is the best channel for entrepreneurs with weekly How To’s. It contains a lot of interviews with some unique people and businessmen. Besides, it has a ton of motivational and educational content


The second YouTube channel that I watch is GaryVee by Gary Vaynerchuk. Oh, he is a crazy guy! He gives so much information due to his enormous experience in business, but the motivation and inspiration he gives… Damn, dude! You just need to hear it!

He is posting everywhere and that’s the reason why so many people know him. That’s a really nice guy and he will show the things which you’re gonna love.

He has a ton of experience as an investor, CEO, entrepreneur, founder, so to watch his content is highly recommended.

3.Y Combinator

If you are looking for some more educational content than your destination is Y Combinator channel. It’s one of the biggest startup channels as well as the famous one.

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TV and Netflix

When we’re talking about content that you’re able to watch on TV or Netflix, I’d suggest you several series like Shark Tank and Billions.

1.Shark Tank

That’s rather serious episodes, where quite ambitious entrepreneurs with some beneficial idea come to real investors and try to pitch them to make an investment in their company.

It’s based on true events and, honesty, these very investors really invested in the company.


This serial is more about money, finance, shadow economics and lies around it. The plot is based on the conflict of interests, but truly everything is based on the money there.

Generally, everything like in real life!

I also recommend you take a look at the local channels and guys, who deal with startups in your country. They might become also successful and share their knowledge and experience.

If it’s so, try to watch their content too for it is maybe closer to you by mentality, way of thinking and vision.

I hope that now you have the answer to the question: what to watch for startup founders?

I’m really grateful for reading this article. If you wanna read some more, please, check alexcodes.com, there you definitely find something worthy of reading!

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