Why wouldn’t I go to Web Summit?

Why I didn’t go to WebSummit?
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Hello, guys! Every year the biggest conference in the world takes place -- Web Summit. Usually, my team and I go there because it provides huge opportunities for everyone.

In this summit, lots of companies try to promote their products, display their new technologies and findings.

It is an outstanding opportunity to find a sponsor or just gain some more experience.

In this article, I want to give some short information about this summit, tell about the pros and cons and share my thoughts on that topic.


The first thing which is really worth mentioning is the reasons for attending this summit.

1.Finding an investor

The first reason is to find an investor for your company/project/startup. For sure if you need some money and support for the realization of some profitable idea -- this is the right place you.

Among the ton of people, you will probably find the one who will be interested in your project and decide to invest in it.

2.Dream job

For lots of employees and IT specialists, this is the perfect chance to find a new interesting job, even though the job of the dream. Wanna try? Then go right there!

3.Customers and Partners

In this summit, every company is able to find new customers or partners who will support your business in the nearest future.

As for me, this is not just the reason but the advantage as well.


No doubt, the atmosphere there is just breathtaking. Lots of people, movement and a huge amount of information. New people, new impressions… I don’t know about you, guys, but I feel inspired in such places. I suggest you try it at least once.


This is one of the main reasons to be there because you can promote your products in order to sell them in the future. What is also rather important that you can get the feedback and improve your products without and losses either financial nor reputational. 

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Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of going to Web Summit.

Pros of going to Web Summit

1.Lots of startups

For sure, there is a ton of them, everyone wants to take his piece of the pie in the summit. Everyone wants to promote the product and this is indeed the best opportunity to find an investor or future customer for a startup. 

Furthermore, that gives you some inspiration and new ideas.

2.Beautiful stands of large companies

Large companies spend lots of money on the stands and believe me, guys, they look just amazing. Here you can get acquainted with the real monsters of the IT industry and look at the beautiful and great products.

3.Interesting people and speakers

Surely, as the biggest IT conference in the world, it brings together lots of different and all give some new information, experience, and impressions. This is really valuable if you want to find a mentor or to ask for advice.


Guys, the food there is damn delicious. Usually, it is a kind of street food but if you are a vegetarian, it will be no problem to find something good.

Cons of going to Web Summit

1.Startup overload

There is a ton of startups and if you want to tell about your product or to pitch somebody, be ready that 20 startups have done before you and your potential investor can already be tired. 

The main trick here is “follow-up” after the conference. Take a picture with him and then drop it in the follow-up list.

Also, it takes about 25-30 minutes, including queues which will be there, for you to pass from the first pavilion to the last one. And that’s pretty hard to walk, trust me.

2.Hard networking

Networking is very difficult. The number of people is just terrific, a little less than 100 thousand, with such amount of people, that’s just insane if you haven’t planned meetings. But if you’re a really crazy networker you will succeed. 

3.Short topics

Topics that people reveal -- very short, and as a result, the information is quite general itself (because it is addressed to a large audience, and is not aimed to bring some benefit particularly to you). 

That means 70 thousand people should understand the speaker and he very often will not go into detail that for a smaller group of people can be very important. That’s why smaller conferences can be more effective for learning and getting new ideas.


Everybody needs to be prepared. When you’ve understood why you come there you will immediately know the people you want to communicate with. Facebook and Linkedin will help you do that.


For such conferences like Web Summit, it’s necessary to prepare yourself 2 months beforehand for the event itself and regardless of your purposes. 

But if you didn’t do that then, do not expect to get something on arrival there. Nothing is going to happen. 

Personally, I realized, this is a more spectacular event, which is worth visiting if you have free time and you like such things. 

I’m really grateful for reading this article! 

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Thanks once again!



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